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Lack of Self Esteem Info & Resources

When a person suffers from a lack of self-esteem, they will see the ramifications in every aspect of their life. They may not be motivated to accomplish professional goals, and they may not pursue personal passions or interests. For some, a lack of self-esteem begins in the earliest years of their childhood. For others, their sense of self-esteem diminishes over the course of time.

Lack of Self-Esteem Info & Resouces

People of all ages can suffer from a lack of self esteem, but children can be particularly prone to it. (Read about 5 Self-Esteem Facts About Kids You Need to Know.)

If you have noticed the signs or symptoms of poor self-esteem in your child, then now is the time to act. You can help them boost their self esteem and improve their perception of themselves by encouraging them to write in their journal. There are many confidence-building writing prompts that they can use to help them on their journey.

Anyone who is suffering from a lack of self-esteem should actively work to improve their perception of themselves. As they build their self-esteem, they will quickly begin to see the important role that it plays in their everyday lives.

Are You Suffering From a Lack of Self-Esteem?

Your self-esteem is your own perception of your self-worth, and symptoms of a lack of self-esteem can manifest in a variety of ways.

Here are some signs that you or a loved one could be suffering from a lack of self-esteem:

  • You find it difficult to make a decision. A lack of self-esteem could cause you to question your own intuition and lead to chronic indecisiveness.
  • You are very concerned about other peoples’ opinions of you. Without high self-esteem, you place your self-worth in the hands of others.
  • You act differently around other people. When you have poor self-esteem, you try to adapt your personality to suit the people you are interacting with. You are trying to make sure they like you no matter what.
Lack of Self-Esteem Information for All Ages

The Causes of Poor Self-Esteem

Self-esteem can be influenced by a variety of factors. These are just a couple of the most common causes of poor self-esteem:

  • Frequent criticism by people you admire. Children whose parents are constantly disappointed in them often grow up with poor self-esteem.
  • Poor performance in the academic or professional realm. Those who struggle in school or in the workplace may feel inadequate as a result.

How You Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

If you suffer from a lack of self-esteem, it’s important to realize that you can change your perception of yourself. Here are a few tips to help you improve your self-esteem:

  • Start keeping a journal. Our list of 40 confidence and self-esteem journaling prompts can help you begin writing. Here are the five ideas to get you started right now:
    1. What does it mean to have good self-esteem? Do you have it?  Why or why not?
    2. What are some good ways a person could improve his or her self-esteem? Do you think these strategies would be effective?  Why or why not?
    3. How do positive and negative self-talk affect a person’s self-esteem?
    4. Why is it important to have good self-esteem?
    5. What would you do if you noticed one of your friends had low self-esteem? How could you help him or her?
  • Practice forgiving yourself. Mistakes happen, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up every time something goes wrong. Forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes and move forward.
  • Don’t be afraid to compliment yourself. Remind yourself frequently of all the awesome things you do each day.

Writing can be a powerful tool that you can use throughout your lifetime to build confidence and improve your self-worth. Keep on writing — it’s one of the best forms of self-care!

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  1. I also feel the ideals of success that are projected to people through the media also contribute to low self esteem. I the world is constantly telling you that success is about cars, houses, millions of dollars in the bank etc. and if you haven’t yet acquired that, some people may begin to feel like they arent worth much because they haven’t yet matched up to the worlds ideals – but of course success goes far beyond just the acquisition of things.

  2. Paul,
    You are so very correct that the definition of success in our modern world is wildly limiting and off-base. And, although materials “things” are nice and enjoyable, nothing beats self-love, great family and friends, joy, happiness and authentic self esteem!


  3. well said jill, couldn’t agree with you more, its all about family, joy and happiness from within and loving who you are as a person. Keep up the great work Jill

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