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Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students

10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students— When you flip the classroom calendar to the month of February, you are likely greeted with shades of red and pink as well as themed decor like hearts and flowers.

Valentine's Day Activities for Elementary Students

It’s the month of love, as the Valentine’s Day holiday is celebrated on February 14. It’s always fun to incorporate these holidays into your curriculum and there are plenty of activities that are perfect for elementary students.

Whether you are introducing the concept of Valentine’s Day to your kindergarten students or you are teaching your fifth-grade students the importance of being kind, caring, and loving to everyone in the classroom, you can have fun while also instilling the importance of this loving holiday to your students.

10 Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas for Elementary Students

  1. Ask your students to write a journal entry about someone special in their life that they love. It could be a friend, family member, or even a pet. Tell them to explain what they love about that person or animal, and what they could do to celebrate them on Valentine’s Day.
  2. Tell students to write in their journals about a specific time that they felt loved. They should describe how it made them feel and also make a plan for how they can make others feel the same.
  3. Instead of having students write an entry in their journal, ask them to be artistic instead. Tell them to design a Valentine’s Day card for one of their friends in the classroom.
  4. Request that students take charge of their own holiday festivities. Ask that they write a journal entry about the upcoming Valentine’s Day party and what they would like to do in order to celebrate. They should list decorations needed for the event, outline the crafts that their classmates would create and also discuss how the Valentine’s Day cards would be distributed. Of course, they can’t forget the snacks! After this project is complete, surprise your students by incorporating their ideas into the classroom party.
  5. Have students write a letter to their parents, grandparents or another special adult in their life, and explain how much they love them. This is a reminder that not every love letter has to be a romantic one, and can show students that it’s important to express your love to those who are most special to you.
    Try these Valentine's Day classroom writing activities about friendship, kindness, and love for the people who are special to us with your elementary kids!
  6. Rather than having students write a traditional journal entry explaining what love is, ask them to write a love poem. Show them that poems can come in a variety of styles and forms and then give your students the freedom to draft their own poem.
  7. Tell students to design a poster in their journals for the upcoming Valentine’s Day party. Remind them that certain elements have to be included in a flyer in order to make it relevant and to provide others in the classroom with the information they need about the big event. These posters can be used as decorations for the actual party.
  8. Simply ask students to write a journal entry about whether they like Valentine’s Day or not. Of course, they also will need to provide an explanation for their answer.
  9. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to let your students expand and explore their creative writing skills. A story prompt can help them get started. A great one for Valentine’s Day is: “I heard a funny noise above me, and when I looked up, I saw the one and only Cupid. His bow was pointing directly at…” This allows students to select their own characters as well as their own genre. They can make it funny, romantic, or even a scary story if they would like.
  10. Ask your students to write a journal entry about what they believe is the best gift to give for Valentine’s Day, and have them explain why.

In the adult world, Valentine’s Day is often focused on romance and love between couples. However, within your classroom, it can be a holiday about friendship, kindness, and love for the people who are special to us. These ideas are just a way to help you get started!

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