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30 Fabulous February Writing Prompts for Kids

Help students take the time to appreciate the many positive aspects of their lives with these fabulous February writing prompts for kids. What are some good February writing prompts? Well…

February Writing Topics for Students

In February we celebrate two important events—Black History Month and Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The former is the perfect opportunity to reflect on our past and all of the opportunities in life that we’re grateful to have, while the latter encourages us to focus on love and friendship in our lives.

(Psst… Another important event is President’s Day on the 3rd Monday in February which is also President George Washington’s birthday.)

Wonderfully, in this month’s list of February writing prompts for kids, students will practice expressing the two essential emotions of gratitude and love.

Each prompt or topic asks students to express their gratitude and love for a particular aspect of their lives. From their favorite memories to their best friends, students in all grades will have the chance to think carefully about the wonderful things and people they’ve been given.

For some students, it might be helpful to write their expressions of gratitude and love in the form of a letter—and Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time for kids to share their feelings with those in their lives.

At the end of the month, students will feel alive with a new awareness of the joy, love, and gratitude in their lives.

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30 February Writing Prompts for Kids

Express your gratitude and love for…

1. Your home. What memories does it hold? What type of protection does it give you?

2. Sleep. How do you feel when you go to sleep? When you wake up?

3. A lesson you’ve learned. Who taught you the lesson? How can you share it with others?

4. A friend who isn’t very much like you. What is your friendship like? What do you share together?

5. Your favorite hobby. What do you love about it? How does it make you feel?

6. Your parents. What kind of support do your parents give you? What is one of your favorite things about them?

7. A favorite game. Where did you learn the game? Why do you play it?

8. Something you have that other people don’t have. How can you share your gift with others?

9. Anything. Why are you thankful? How can you show your gratitude?

10. A favorite memory. Why does this memory stick out?

11. Your favorite food. What do you love about this food? How often do you eat it?

12. School. What are some of the most important things you’ve learned in school?

13. Laughter. How do you feel when you laugh? Who makes you laugh?

14. Love. Why is love important? How do you know when you are loved?

15. Your best friend. What makes your best friend unique?
February Journal Writing Ideas

16. America. What are some of the greatest freedoms we enjoy in America?

17. Your free time. What do you like to do in your free time? How would you feel if you didn’t have this time?

18. Someone important. What role does this person fill in your life? How can you show him or her how grateful you are?

19. Books. What are your favorite books? Why do you enjoy reading?

20. Nature. What is nature’s greatest gift?

21. Your grandparents. How is your grandparents’ love different from your parents’ love?

22. Your greatest talent. How did you develop your talent? What is your favorite way to use it?

23. Your pet or another animal. How does spending time with your pet make you feel?

24. Music. What kind of music do you like? Do you enjoy dancing or singing to it?

25. Our city. What is the best thing about living in our city?

26. Something that makes you feel good. How can you engage in this activity more often?

27. A privilege you enjoy. What do you appreciate most about the privilege?

28. Life. Why is it important to be thankful for life? How can you show your gratitude each day?

29. Dreams. What are your biggest and boldest dreams and what do you love the most about them?

30. Adventure. How do you define adventure? What do you love the most about adventuring and why?

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Whether you’re looking for daily writing prompts for elementary students, free printables, or inspiration for national inventors day, the Journal Buddies blog has got you covered! The month of February is full of great ideas! We even have a freebie that you can grab here.

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February Writing Ideas for Kids
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