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17 Story Writing Prompts for Kids

17 Story Writing Prompts & Ideas for Young Writers– Writing is a fun activity for children and adults alike. A few popular forms of writing include stories, articles, and poetry, and each has its own unique appeal. Not only can the act of writing help a person vent their emotions and frustrations but it is also an excellent means of expressing new, creative ideas.

Kids Story Writing Ideas

Children, in particular, love to hear and tell stories. They enjoy making up different scenarios that may include their friends, family, or pets.

Story writing can help kids to develop both their creativity and imagination. Writing practice also assists children in learning new words and understanding the correct order and structure of sentences. When writing a story, a child gains experience organizing their thoughts into a cohesive, presentable form while enjoying themselves and having fun!

Listed below, you will find seventeen fun writing ideas to encourage and motivate children to write a story. Our hope is that you and your students will enjoy and savor these new story writing prompts for kids. We hope, also, that your kids have loads and loads and LOADS of fun writing creative, new stories with these fun ideas! 😀

17 Story Writing Prompts & Ideas for Young Writers

  1. You take a trip in space and meet an alien… is it friendly, mean, helpful, or unfriendly? Describe your space adventure in great detail.
  2. Go back in time and meet-up with the dinosaurs.
  3. Write a story about a time when you got lost in a crowd at the market or in the woods.
  4. You find a monster in your cupboard. Is it good or bad? What happens next?
  5. You are the ruler of the world!  How do you rule it and what effect do you have on the world’s people, animals, oceans, and forests?
  6. Write a story about a potato that comes to life and his exciting, new adventures exploring planet earth.
  7. You go on a skiing vacation and get attacked by a snow monster. How do you deal with the monster and protect yourself, your family and your friends?
  8. Explain in great detail your very favorite (or not-so-favorite) time of the day. Explain why.
  9. You met a fairy. What does he/she look like? Where did you both go and what did you do?
  10. Name one magic power you would like to have and what you would do with it.
  11. You take a journey to the bottom of the sea. What happens? Who do you meet and what do you see that you have never seen before.Story Writing Ideas for Students
  12. You find a magic paintbrush that brings everything to life — so trees can walk and buildings can sleep and roads can move. What do you do with the brush and how does it change your life?
  13. You are a secret detective assigned to a very important case that has to be solved or the world will end. What is your case and how does it play out?
  14. You have the chance to interview a zombie or a vampire or a werewolf. Who do you choose to interview, where is the interview, what do you ask and what happens during the interview?
  15. Imagine your life as a cartoon character. What does it look like? How is it different from your life now?
  16. Your dream of traveling the world has come true! Where do you go first? How do you get there? How long is your trip and when will you return home and how?
  17. Write a story about a crime-fighting cat or dog (or horse or hamster).

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Story Writing Prompts for Students
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