Summer Writing for 2nd Grade

Looking for great summer writing ideas for 2nd grade students? We have a three fabulous ones to share with you. We hope you agree that theses three summer writing ideas for second graders are interactive, creative, and fun. Check them out and enjoy!Summer Writing for 2nd Grade

Summer offers second graders a lot to do, enjoy, and write about. Below, we present some neat summer writing ideas for kids. By having your child complete just a few writing tasks throughout the summer, they can become a better reader and writer. Best of all, they may have a leg-up in these skills when returning to school in the fall. OK, without further ado here are some writing ideas for your second grade child.

Summer Writing for 2nd Grade

Start a Journal

Start a summer journal. In it, ask your child to write about their favorite activities of summer. If a child has a memorable day swimming, for instance, ask them to write about it. Ask them about their favorite summery things. Ask kids to draw and write about how the earth seems to change from spring to summer and then to fall and winter. You can even ask the child to write down their favorite seasonal recipes, or how to start a garden. At the end of the summer, this makes a great keepsake.

Get a Pen Pal

Pen pals are the writing gift that keeps on giving. Start with a simple prompt: ask your child to write about who they are, where they are from, and their friends. Then, find another 2nd grade child to send the letter to (it is best to pair with someone you know so they will write back). Provide your child with subsequent writing ideas to write their pen pal about. This can include writing about a happy memory, telling the pen pal what they look for in friends, or sharing thoughts about an event.

Use Your Imagination 

There are lots of ways to get creative and use one’s imagination when writing during the summer time. For example, ask your child to write a summer-themed story about their best friend or about their pet. Or, have the child write about some of these ideas:

  • What do they think would happen if holidays that happen in other seasons took place in summer?
  • What is their dream treehouse?
  • Even if you can’t go on vacation or to the beach, you can still have your child write about what it would be like to do those things.
  • You can also ask them to imagine a day in 3rd grade in anticipation of next school year.
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Happy summer, and remember to write on…