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34 Creative Writing Prompts

It is time to sit down to write something for fun, but now you are stuck. Maybe you have so many ideas that you are having trouble picking just one. You might be like many creative writers who can’t think of anything new to write about all of the time. To be clear, you aren’t the only writer to have this issue. Even popular writers struggle to find a topic or new idea from time to time. Fortunately, we have come up with a fun list of creative writing prompts to help you out.

Homeschool Creative Writing Ideas

There are many ways you can approach this list of creative writing prompts. You could start with idea #1 and write about what would happen if “all of the airplanes in the world suddenly stop working and cannot be repaired,” and continue each day until you have used every single creative writing prompt.

Another way to use this list of creative writing ideas is to have the list in front of you, and then close your eyes and randomly point to a prompt. You can also use a couple of dice to roll random numbers, and either take the dice for face value or add the dice dots together to get your number.

Finally, another way to use the writing ideas from this list is just that—as ideas. Pick a topic and come up with your own angle. For example, for idea #7, “You wake up and everything in the world has turned green,” you could change this idea so that everything is covered in spots or everything is made of chocolate. Let your imagination run wild and your writing will be original every time.

Creative Writing Prompts

Let this list of creative writing prompts inspire new ideas for fictional stories, as well as creative angles for journal entries and nonfiction essays for students, homeschool students, and kids in general.

  1. All of the airplanes in the world suddenly stop working and cannot be repaired.
  2. Open the closest book next to you, and find the 3rd page, 3rd line, and 3rd word. Use this word as your main idea for a story.
  3. Google your name. Write about the first website listed from your search results.
  4. Quickly write down the first five places that come to mind. Now write a story including all of them.
  5. Imagine you were a home school teacher. How would you teach your students?
  6. You are a college professor at a prestigious university. What class do you teach and what is a typical day like for you?
  7. You wake up and everything in the world has turned green.
  8. After getting into a time machine you realize you had been born in another world by time-traveling parents. Now you are returning back to your actual world—Europe in the Middle Ages.
  9. When you go outside, all of the trees are talking to you.
  10. You have invented a new species of animal.
  11. You wake up and speak a foreign language you have never heard before.
  12. Create your own pet monster.
  13. Invent a new pair of shoes that do something out of this world.
  14. You just bought a video game that lets you create characters that will become real people.
  15. Look around you. The first object that you see is the main subject of your writing.
  16. Set a timer and write for five minutes without using the word “the.”
  17. Harry Potter is your history teacher. Describe a day in his class.
  18. Write your favorite fairy tale but replace the characters with cyborgs or robots.
  19. You just bought a self-driving car. What is your first road trip like?
    Home School Writing Ideas
  20. Imagine you are writing a story about someone who is trapped, literally, in your story.
  21. You are getting sent to live in Antarctica to study a new species of animals that are thought to be extraterrestrial.
  22. You wake up and your right arm is swollen so big that you can’t even bend it at the elbow. Then your right leg starts to swell and you can see it happening. Next, your other arm…
  23. Instead of strands of hair, your head starts to grow vines with flowers on them.
  24. You are a famous painter. What does your masterpiece look like?
  25. When you wake up one morning, you are staring right at the sun because your bed has been moved to the top of your roof.
  26. Refer to your favorite cartoon. Imagine if those characters came to life and moved into your house with your family.
  27. You get a chance to cook anything you want to use whatever ingredients and equipment you can think of. What is the menu, recipe list, cooking instructions, and dining experience going to be like?
  28. If you could live anywhere on the planet or in the solar system, where would you go and what would your life be like there?
  29. Imagine you are allowed to eat only one food, but in unlimited supply, for the rest of your life.
  30. Your garden starts to grow plants with fruits and vegetables that have never been grown on Earth before. What do these look and taste like, and where did they come from?
  31. You discover that you can walk through your computer screen into video games. Which video game do you enter and what happens there?
  32. When you wake up you suddenly have your favorite animal there with you in your bedroom. Name the animal and try to keep it as a pet.
  33. Your name is Cleopatra and you are an Egyptian ruler.
  34. Everything around you starts to float in the air.

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Hopefully, this list of creative writing prompts will stimulate your right brain and generate creative thoughts and processes. Good luck and happy creative writing!

Until next time, write on…

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