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20 Intense Dark Romance Story Ideas

Welcome! In this post, we explore a sub-genre of romanticism. You see, here you’ll discover some brand new dark romance story ideas. These intense and inspiring writing prompts are a great way to unleash your creativity―and they might just help you start (or finish) that book. Or, you could use these ideas to write some short stories, a journal entry, or a story you share online with others.

Intense Dark Romance Story Ideas


Whether you’re looking to work on your writing versatility or looking to put your own experiences to print, these 20 brand-new dark romance story ideas can help you get the inspiration you need.

Ok, get to it and take a look. Happy writing!

20 Fantasy Dark Romance Story Ideas & Prompts

  1. In a world where dark magic prevails, you discover your magical powers on a journey with an ominous vampire.
  2. Coming back to your hometown after a decade, you run into your high school crush at a local bookstore who hasn’t aged a day.
  3. You gave your high school sweetheart your favorite novel. They passed away shortly afterward. Years later, you see them holding it in their hand on the street.
  4. You and a stranger plot an escape from kidnappers and grow closer as you both fight for survival.
  5. In this long-distance love story, the protagonist and her spouse share letters every week until she gets news that her husband died months ago.
  6. Set in the Middle Ages, a ghost hunter finds his biggest challenge: helping his deceased lover cross to the other side.
  7. Working in the emergency room, you thought you’d seen it all until under the scars of one of your patients, you saw the eyes of your high school crush.
  8. The horror of a local murder is only doubled when you find your husband is the prime suspect.
  9. Stuck in a crime-ridden city, a young man offers to help you return home. After a series of adventures and lessons learned, you realize no one in this city can be trusted.
  10. Stuck in a loveless marriage, a woman is visited by the ghost of an old flame.
    Intense Dark Romance Story Ideas
  11. Write a story about two lovers in the midst of a shipwreck and their last moments with each other.
  12. She has been dead for years, roaming the Earth without anyone knowing where she is until he sees her.
  13. An alien race has abducted Earthlings for experiments. When a female alien sympathizes with one of them, she falls in love. She then plans on fleeing with them to a distant planet to start a new life, but the Galactic Alliance has other plans.
  14. After losing his job, a husband’s erratic behavior puts his marriage in danger.
  15. The rise of artificial intelligence has led to the development of sentient robots. Your main character falls in love with one and begins questioning how much this love interest can actually love.
  16. Tensions arise when a young man’s fiance, having been missing for five years, returns to find he’s moved on.
  17. A wounded soldier is recovering in a hospital during World War II. He begins to fall in love with his nurse, but he also has psychological demons from the battlefield.
  18. Your main character discovers the person they’ve been dating for years runs a prolific drug ring.
  19. Spending years in recluse after his wife’s murder, the young man finds out his own family was involved and goes on a quest to seek revenge.
  20. When they sleep, they come across wizards, dragons, and creatures; this fantasy story takes the protagonist on an epic journey to save the love of their dreams.

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Closing Thoughts

If you’ve always been a die-hard fan of romance novels, you know how breathtaking it feels to watch a love story unfold. From love at first sight to crossing the boundaries of space and time, romance writing has the potential to captivate any audience.

Yet, people often think writing romance is easy, but it’s not as effortless as you think. It takes time, practice, and perseverance. (You’ve got this!)

With these dark romance story ideas and writing prompts, you’ll be on the front page of Wattpad in no time. If you found a prompt that inspired you, feel free to share them on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. I appreciate it!

Until next time, write on…

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Intense Dark Romance Story Ideas
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