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15 Great Love Story Ideas to Write About

A Wonderful Collection of Great Love Story Ideas to Write About— Finding a love story to write about is not always so easy–especially if you have never been in love. That’s ok. We have 15 romance prompts to inspire ideas and stimulate your romantic writer side. Oh yeah!

Great Love Story Ideas

You see…

While these ideas were created with High School students in mind, the topics may be used by writers of a variety of ages.

Now, it’s true that the romance genre is varied and versatile. Great love stories, true and mythical, have been the source of inspiration ever since storytellers started to speak. Even if you don’t “believe” in love, the concept of love is more than just romantic love.

Consider how animals fall in love and their behaviors if you want to avoid writing about other people. Or go out of this world with an alien inspired theme.

A Wonderful Collection of Love Story Ideas to Write About

As you sit down today to write about something special, whether it is nearly Valentine’s Day or you want to make someone feel more loved, consider these topics on great love story ideas for a writing class or lessons on romance prompts.

I hope you enjoy our collection of love story ideas. Take a look and enjoy!

3 Love Story Ideas with a Twist

  1. They met in Las Vegas in a wedding Chapel. It was not while attending their own wedding and, in fact, the two were super angry at each other about something when they met. By the way, this is one of the most real life like plots on this list!

  2. You watch a pair of lovebirds build a nest. Write about what happens when a heavy windstorm strikes as these best friend birds work.

  3. Tornadoes, am I right? Yes, we are going there…these tornadoes were in a three-way romance that ended in the most twisted manner. What would tornadoes say to each other if they could talk…or fall in love?

3 Unique Love Story Ideas

  1. Two squirrels met at a nut bar. Let’s just say, they went nuts for one another! This love affair is all about animalistic behavior–and one squirrel’s mission to eat all the nuts!

  2. The moon ran away with the cheese and it was not the shredded kind! Then vampires and werewolves went berserk. Turns out they are not happy with a fairy tale involving moon magic! If you want to throw another planet into this one, you will have a sci-fi and fantasy mashup that crosses genres.

  3. Sometimes signs are special and sometimes signs say more than we read on them. This particular group of signs along this particular highway…that you make up…are all in a collective communal community agreement with each other. They are gender free and they all want to share their love by way of billboards and other large banners.

2 Short Love Story Ideas

  1. Two trees from “The Lord of the Rings,” yes, two ents, fall in love. You only have one paragraph (or 150 words) to describe their love in this flash fiction story prompt. 

  2. Give yourself only 15 minutes to brainstorm a love story involving bugs. What kind of bugs are up to you–think spiders or cockroaches, or maybe go exotic with dung beetles. Think fast on your feet, as if you are an actual bug yourself and you really only have that long to live before a human squashes you–much to your own amazement!

Love Story Writing

3 Short Love Story Ideas with a Twist

  1. Two aliens landed inside a container of Simply Lemonade and decided to consummate the thing. The twist is the lemonade and its acidic nature! Then you have a killer, princess, and an intern tossed into the mix. Where this short story goes next is anyone’s guess.

  2. Someone from Star Wars falls in love with someone from Star Trek. They are not from the same galaxy or even the same video world…how would they meet up…up in Outer Space?  

  3. Sometimes foods are noxious, especially Garlic Robb and his friend Rotten Ginger. He wanted to date that California Sushi Roll he saw in the deli case, but someone put him next to the Baby Cucumbers instead. What are they thinking? Falling in love in the produce section is great, until your next mate is purchased by a grocery shopper. How will Garlic Robb and Rotten Ginger find someone to love in this heady and often moist–thanks to those overhead showers–atmosphere?

2 Love Short Story Ideas

  1. Back behind the hedges are two ghosts. One is trying to secure a date for the ball, the Ghostly Gallup hosted annually by the Headless Horseman. However, the second ghost just isn’t having it–mainly because they are also headless. How will the ghosts make it and who will they take to the most important dance of the year?

  2. Dream up a romance between Dumbledore and Snape. Imagine if the two of those fell in love before Dumbledore fell to his death…yes, from Harry Potter!

2 High School Love Story Ideas

  1. When Harry Met Sally is based on the 1999 movie of the same name. Since it’s before your time, this prompt also gives you the excuse to watch a flick, especially if you have never seen it, for reference!

  2. Oh joyous fabulous day! Two characters in Alice in Wonderland decided to get married. You choose which two characters that you imagine would least or most likely get married and write about it.

Getting a love story out of a high school aged writer is not the easiest task. But fear not! Even if you or the high schooler in front of you gags at the idea of a love story, there is more than “Romeo and Juliet” to lure them in thanks to these romance writing prompts.

More Love-themed Writing Resources

There are subgenres of romance novels, including fantasy, gothic, contemporary, historical romance, paranormal fiction, and science fiction

Still, for some, it is a challenge to write about certain topics, such as love. So yeah… it’s normal to feel a little nervous when writing about such a deep theme. If this is your experience, the best way to overcome this is to write. Start shallow and go deeper and deeper at a pace you find comforting.

Ok, that’s all for today.

Until next time, write on…

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