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31 Free Candy Writing Prompts (Tasty!)

June is National Candy Month! We can’t think of a sweeter way to get your students into creative writing than to add some candy writing by adding our candy-themed prompts to any lesson plan.

Candy Themed Journal Writing Prompts

Ways to Use Candy Writing

You can let your kids practice freewriting with these prompts, or add some artistic elements to make it a bigger project.

For example, you can ask each kid which candy they are and why, and have them write about it, and then create artistic renderings of the candies together, and hang up the “candy wrappers” and explanations side by side to show a “chocolate box” or vending machine-style representation of your class.

If you’re looking for discussion topics to use as icebreakers, these questions can also lead to some amazing discussions that will help your whole class get to know each other better.

31 Candy Writing Journal Prompts for Candy Lovers

Use these prompts to celebrate National Candy Month to make your writing sweeter any time of the year. Yay… do some candy writing today!

  1. Do you think your personality is more like sour candies or sweet candies and why?
  2. What is a candy that brings back fond memories for you? What are they?
  3. Imagine you got invited into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and you could only pick one candy to try. What would you choose and why?
  4. A lot of people disagree on whether licorice is delicious or disgusting. What are your feelings about it and why?
  5. When can salt be effectively used in candy? Do you like salted caramel and similar treats or not?
  6. Imagine you found a way to create flavored slime. What color and flavor would you choose? Would you like the consistency or would it be gross?
  7. If you could make your very own candy hearts for Valentine’s Day with your own sayings on them, what words would you put on them and who would you give them to?
  8. Do you like chocolate or fruity candies more and why?
  9. Does your family have any candy-related Christmas traditions? Maybe a candy cane or a chocolate orange?
  10. If each subject in school was a candy, what candies would they be? (Start with math class and keep going!)
  11. Are there any candies that taste like chalk to you? Do you like them or not?
  12. If you were any candy in the world, which candy would you be and why?
  13. If pens of different colors each had their own flavors, which flavors would they be and why?
  14. Draw a picture of your living room, except make everything made out of candy!
  15. Do you know any quotes from songs, books, or movies about candy? Do you think they’re true?
    Journal Writing Prompts about Candy for Students
  16. If you go trick-or-treating for Halloween, do you have any specific places you go that give out the best candy? What’s considered “hitting the jackpot” for candy in your book?
  17. Imagine you’ve met an alien from outer space who’s never had candy. Explain to them what candies they should try first and which ones they should avoid and why they should avoid them.
  18. Come up with your own candy! Draw a picture of the candy and its wrapper, come up with a name, and write a description of it.
  19. Is there any difference between candies that you like in hot weather and cold weather? Why or why not?
  20. What is not usually dipped in chocolate that you’d love to dip in chocolate?
  21. If you got to create a new pack of 5 types of chocolate that would all come together in the same box, which would you select and why?
  22. Do you usually save the best or worst piece of chocolate in the box for last? Why?
  23. If you could only choose one color of Skittles to eat for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?
  24. What are some candy flavors that taste totally different, but are represented by the same color?
  25. Do you think candy is only for kids? Why or why not?
  26. If you had to get into a bathtub of any type of candy, which type would you choose and why?
  27. Create a candy-related superhero. The candy could be related to their name, costume, powers, or all of the above.
  28. Have you ever tried candy from another country? What was it and how was it different from candy you’ve tried before?
  29. Do you think ancient civilizations had candy? If so, what do you think it was made out of and what did it taste like?
  30. If you could plant a fruity candy in your yard and have it grow the fruit that’s the flavor of the candy, which candy flavor would you choose?

Hopefully these fun candy-themed prompts will get your classroom buzzing and excited about candy writing.

As summer nears, fun prompts like these can really help your students stay engaged. To choose from all of our fun topics by grade level, check out our archive and select the grade you teach!

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