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29 Mind-Bending Would You Rather Writing Prompts

See and use our wonderful list of Would You Rather Writing Prompts— Oh yeah. Children in elementary and middle school are naturally inquisitive. Posing questions that delightfully broaden their imagination can make all the difference in their creative writing abilities. That’s why…

Would You Rather Writing Prompts

“Would you rather?” questions are a great way for teachers to spark creativity among students and serves as the perfect activity for a short classroom break. 

Our list of fun would you rather writing prompts is perfect for kids in Elementary and Middle School. Oh, and they double as some very creative writing prompts, too.

Take a look and enjoy!

Would your rather writing prompts — aka Opinion writing prompts — combine critical thinking with writing skills and make a fun group activity for an unforgettable classroom experience. Here are 29 to get you students started!

29 Fantastic and Fun Would You Rather Writing Prompts

  1. Go on a one week trip to a foreign country of your choice or a month long trip in your own country?

  2. Play on a baseball team that always wins but it rains during all of their games or play on a team that always plays in sunny weather but loses?

  3. Be the best player whose team always loses or the worst player whose team always wins?

  4. Live on a boat or in a treehouse?

  5. No computer use for a year or no sweets for a year?

  6. Attend school at Hogwarts or live in Narnia?

  7. Have $2,000 right now or be given $100 every month for the rest of your life?

  8. Discover the cure for a disease or be a famous actor?

  9. Be an astronaut or an athlete?

  10. Be incredibly rich but without love or be poor but have a happy marriage?

  11. Have 50 good friends or only one best friend?

  12. Go to the same great place for vacation every year or a new place that may be bad?

  13. Have bright blue teeth or bright blue hair?

  14. Have the power of flight or the power of invisibility?

  15. Have a freezing cold shower every day or a pleasant hot shower once a week?
    Kids Would You Rather Writing Prompts

  16. Not be able to eat your favorite food for a year or ONLY be able to eat your favorite food for a year?

  17. Learn the ability to breathe underwater or fly?

  18. Quit video games forever or live in a desert for a month?

  19. Have a fun friend who is snarky or a boring friend who is kind?

  20. Have a pet porcupine or pet skunk?

  21. A mediocre famous athlete or a talented unknown athlete?

  22. Get money on your birthday or a sentimental present?

  23. Work a job you hate for a million dollars or a job you love that pays minimum wage?

  24. A single eye in the middle of your head like a Cyclops or two noses?

  25. Have floors made from trampolines or stairs made from slides?

  26. Receive $2,000 dollars or have a charity of your choice receive $20,000 dollars?

  27. Celebrate your birthday every day or go on your favorite holiday every day?

  28. Be an only child or have many siblings?

  29. Spend Christmas alone and receive many presents or with your family and receive just one?

I hope you and your students enjoyed this list of would you rather writing prompts and would you rather questions. Perhaps you’ll use these fun writing prompts in your writing lessons, during your classroom writing time or as writing warm-ups.

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A Few Closing Thoughts

Teachers can use these prompts at the start of the year to break the ice and forever hold the title of “best teacher ever!”


These critical thinking activities are an exceptional way for students in elementary and middle school to think outside the box and let their creative juices flow.

Ok, that’s all for today.

Until next time, write on…

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