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All or Nothing Day 50 Writing Prompts for Kids

50 Journaling Prompts for Kids— On July 26th, people across the world will celebrate All or Nothing Day—a special time for people to face their fears, follow their dreams, and share their feelings.

Journal Ideas for Kids

All or Nothing Day is based on the idea of living each day like it’s your last. To celebrate the holiday, people take the time to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. Whether it’s telling people how much you love them, eating a favorite dessert, or trying a new sport, All or Nothing Day is the perfect time for kids, preteens, teens, and adults to remember that our limited time on Earth should be cherished.

As they consider what it’s like to try new things and think about the way they’d like to be remembered, kids will understand the spirit of All or Nothing Day and the message of “carpe diem” it evokes. Don’t miss this special opportunity to share a rewarding worldview and empowering message with your students!

Encourage kids to think about their goals, dreams, and deepest feelings with these 50 new journal prompts. Each prompt asks kids to consider the things they really want and the things they need to do—and All or Nothing Day offers an opportunity for them to start acting on their dreams.

Journal Writing Prompts for Kids to Celebrate All or Nothing Day!

1. What does it mean to live a full life?

2. How do you feel when you have the opportunity to try something new?

3. How can you include the ideals of All or Nothing Day in your daily life?

4. Is there a difference between dreams and goals? Is one more important than the other?

5. What would it look like if you lived each day like it was your last?

6. Write about three people you’d like to thank on All or Nothing Day. What will you say to them?

7. Why is the spirit of All or Nothing Day important?

8. What is your greatest dream? What about it appeals to you?

9. If you could do anything on All or Nothing Day, what would it be? Why?

10. Write about three places in the world you’d like to visit.

11. How do you want people to remember you when you’ve grown old?

12. How will you celebrate All or Nothing Day?

13. What would the world be like if people lived more honestly each day?

14. Plan a way to show your love for others on All or Nothing Day. What will you do?

15. Why is it important to follow our dreams and to do the things we want?

16. Write about someone who inspires you to follow your dreams.

17. What does it feel like to follow your heart?

18. What is the greatest gift you could give another person?

19. Write a story about someone successfully celebrating All or Nothing Day.

20. What does it mean to live each day like it’s your last?

21. What is your greatest goal in life? Why?

22. Write about three things you’ve always wanted to try. Why are these things important to you?

23. Make three separate goals about ways you can share the love on All or Nothing Day. How will you meet them?

24. Do you think your parents have achieved their goals. Why or why not? How can you help them?

25. How will you know whether or not you’ve lived a successful life?

26. Write a poem about what it feels like to follow a dream.

27. What are some good All or Nothing Day activities? Why?

28. What is the best way to achieve a goal?

29. Who do you need to talk to on All or Nothing Day. What do you need to tell them?

30. Do you think All or Nothing Day is a good celebration? Why or why not?
Journal Writing Ideas for All or Nothing Day

31. How can you help someone else achieve his or her dream?

32. Write about a time when you tried something new. How did you feel afterward?

33. Write about three things you’re afraid to try. Will you try them on All or Nothing Day?

34. Write about an All or Nothing Day practice that you’d like to incorporate into your everyday life.

35. Have you ever missed an opportunity to thank someone? How can you show your appreciation on All or Nothing Day?

36. Write a poem about the feeling of achieving a goal.

37. Why is it so important for people to express themselves?

38. What does it mean to get a fresh start?

39. How can you introduce All or Nothing Day to your family?

40. Write about a time when you overcame a fear.

41. What does All or Nothing Day mean to you?

42. Write a story about your ideal All or Nothing Day.

43. How can you have it all on All or Nothing Day?

44. How do you feel when you do something you’ve always wanted to try?

45. Why is it important for people to have dreams and goals?

46. If you could say anything to anyone on All or Nothing Day, what would it be?

47. What is the best thing to do on All or Nothing Day? Why?

48. How can you give life your all each day?

49. Do you like to take risks? Why or why not? How do you feel after doing something daring?

50. People often save “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” How can you live by this idea on All or Nothing Day and every day?

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Writing Prompt Ideas for Journal Writing about All or Nothing Day
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