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35 New Shadow Work Prompts For You

Say yes to Shadow Work Prompts for Deep Self Love, Healing, Growth and More — This new list of shadow work prompts will guide you on taking a deep dive into the art of shadow writing. Take a look!

Shadow Work Prompts

Writers often find themselves researching the past, telling the stories of others or sharing their own experiences without realizing that they can use their same craft to learn more about themselves.

You see…

Writing is a powerful tool for not only creative expression but also for personal growth. Yep. Shadow work writing is a simply and powerful tool that can help you uncover your shadow self. Best of all, you’ll learn more about who you are and who you want to become.


If you are looking to focus on personal growth in an attempt to become a better writer — and a better version of yourself — then use these shadow work prompts for beginners as part of your journaling routine.

Before we get to that list of new shadow work prompts, let’s briefly explore…

What is Your Shadow Self Shadow Self?

The concept of a shadow self refers to the parts of an individual that they may find difficult to understand or accept.

Your shadow self may include emotions that are difficult to process or that are often ignored, behaviors that you don’t fully understand, or habits that you choose not to acknowledge. 

Rather than ignoring your shadow self, you can engage in therapeutic practices that help you to understand your shadow self and begin to work toward healing and growth.

And now for a few words about…

What is Shadow Writing?

Shadow writing is the act of journaling in order to identify your shadow self and develop a better understanding of this part of your identity.


When you engage in shadow writing and rely on shadow work prompts for healing, you will be able to move forward in a healthy and productive way. Shadow writing is a valuable way to work through past traumas and understand your triggers, as well as to develop coping mechanisms for moving forward. 

Of course…

Both amateur and professional writers — as well as mental health therapists — find shadow work journaling prompts to be a valuable tool to helps one understand their own subconscious.

And now, when you embark on a journey of self- reflection, you’ll be able to reach an unparalleled pinnacle of self-acceptance and self-awareness. Plus, you might just find that you can use this understanding of your shadow self (and shadow traits) as a unique angle in your creative process.

Ok, with that said and without further ado, here is that list of shadow work prompts for you.

35 Shadow Work Prompts for Beginners

  1. How do you connect with your inner child? 
  2. Describe the dark side of your personality in vivid detail.
  3. What are some toxic traits that you often seem attracted to in others? Why do you feel this is?
  4. What is one of the biggest misconceptions about you?
  5. Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Why or why not?
  6. What personality traits do others see in you? What personality traits do you see in yourself?
  7. Describe a situation in which you frequently experience negative emotions.
  8. Do you feel like you live up to the expectations of others? Do you live up to the expectations of yourself?
  9. What is one word that you would use to describe your childhood? Why do you choose that word?
  10. Do you feel that you set appropriate and healthy boundaries? Why or why not? 
  11. Do you suffer from anxiety? If so, what does your anxiety feel like?
  12. Write down your deepest, darkest secret. Why do you keep this secret hidden away?
  13. Are you currently holding a grudge? If so, describe who you are holding a 
  14. grudge against and explain why. Also write about what it would take for you to let go of this grudge.
  15. When you put boundaries in place, do people respect them? How do you feel when your boundaries are violated? What do you do?
  16. What destructive behaviors do you engage in? How do you feel before, during and after? Do you have any insight into why you engage in these behaviors?
  17. Describe the relationship that you have with your family. Is it a healthy relationship? 
  18. What values were instilled in you during your childhood?
    Shadow Work Writing Topics
  19. Describe a moment in which you felt complete and total shame. How old were you when this happened? How did it impact your life moving forward?
  20. Use three words to describe what shame feels like.
  21. Was there a moment in your life when you could have showed more compassion? 
  22. Is it hard for you to tell others no? 
  23. Describe the state of your mental health. Are you aware of any steps that you could take to improve your overall mental health?
  24. Write about a moment in which your values were challenged. 
  25. What does it feel like when you do not have control over a situation? 
  26. Define success. Do you feel that you are a successful person? Why or why not?
  27. Negative self-talk can be incredibly detrimental. What are some words that you often use against yourself when you are feeling frustrated, down or upset? 
  28. Were you lied to during your childhood? How did you feel when you uncovered the truth?
  29. Write about your biggest regret. What was the fallout from this moment? How do you think things would be different if you had made another choice?
  30. Who were your caregivers during childhood? How did they impact your formative years?
  31. What does guilt feel like to you? When do you experience guilt? Do you feel your guilt is justified?
  32. Name three of the most negative traits that you can think of. Do you think you have these traits?
  33. Do you ever feel defensive? In which circumstances do you feel defensive? 
  34. You likely wear your persona as a mask. What persona do you rely on most often? When do you showcase this persona? 
  35. Write about your most recent embarrassing moment. What emotions did you experience?
  36. Sometimes, we all want to indulge the desires of our inner child. What does your inner child crave? Write about your connection with your inner child.

These are some of the best prompts for shadow journaling, I hope you enjoy and use them for your growth, healing, and improved self-love.

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Ok, now for…

A Few Final Thoughts on Shadow Writing

Shadow work is the first step that you can take on your journey of self-discovery, and it can lead to a better understanding of yourself and others in your life.

When you rely on engaging and interesting shadow work journal prompts, you will always feel compelled to continue writing in order to dig deeper into your shadow side.

Until next time, shadow write on…

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