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100% Free & Fun Topics About Life to Write (Or Talk) About

Looking for some fun topics about life for your next piece of writing? Or, are you in need of fun and insightful topics to have meaningful conversations with others? Well, you are in luck!

Topics about Life

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In this article, we share with you a list of topics about life that you can write or talk about that explore a wide array of subjects. 


Sometimes the very best topics about life are right in front of you, but it can be a challenge to identify them.

That’s why our brand-new list of topics about life will help you clearly identify random, fun, and deep topics about life to get you writing, conversing, or simply engaging in some interesting small talk.

Without further ado, here is that list of free and fun topics about life. Enjoy!

50 Interesting Topics About Life

  1. Discuss about nostalgic toys and games from your childhood.
  2. What are your top 3 favorite memories of all-time? 
  3. Do you have a pet? Write or talk about the unique bond between humans and their pets.
  4. Explain the unique connection you share with your friends, siblings, and family members and what makes them such meaningful relationships.
  5. What are some of your quirky habits? 
  6. What is the most annoying habit of others that you know of and why do you find is so annoying?
  7. Write about a story of friendship that started unexpectedly. 
  8. Discuss fascinating facts about different planets.
  9. Do you believe it is it possible for humans to colonize Mars or any other planets in our solar system?
  10. Create a fictional crossover episode between your two favorite TV shows. 
  11. What are your personal aspirations for the future?
  12. What is the best piece of advice you can give to others and why? 
  13. Talk about the positive and negative impact of social media on you, your life, your free time, etc… 
  14. Share interesting stories behind your all-time favorite experience from your childhood. 
  15. How do you — or can you — make mundane daily life routines more enjoyable and meaningful? 
  16. What is it that you find most fascinating about human nature?
  17. In your opinion, what are the key elements of a strong and healthy relationship?
  18. Reflect on the last time you did something that was out of your comfort zone. Write about how it made you feel. 
  19. Write or talk about your perfect day, describing your ideal day from start to finish. 
  20. Imagine you get to talk to your younger self, what would you say?
  21. Discuss your future aspirations and long term goals and aims. How do you plan on achieving them? 
  22. Share some inspiring stories of individuals who have turned their dreams into reality and how they inspire you to achieve your dreams.
  23. Write about the biggest regret — or your biggest challenge — of your life. If you got the chance to travel back in time, how would you do things differently? 
  24. Discuss self-forgiveness and growth after a huge mistake. 
  25. Explore how mistakes teach us important lessons in life. 
    Fun Topics about Life
  26. What is the funniest conspiracy theory you’ve heard yet? Discuss it and also talk about it.
  27. You are responsible for organizing a reunion with your close friends – how will you make it happen?
  28. Write a heartfelt letter to your mom, discussing her impact on your life. 
  29. Talk/write about lessons and wisdom passed down from your mom (or dad, or grandparent, etc…). 
  30. Reflect on your favorite thing in your life right now. 
  31. Explore the role of cultural diversity in shaping you (and/or the world today).
  32. What are the ingredients of a good conversation?
  33. Write or talk about your earliest memory of your first-ever best friend?
  34. Why has taking care of one’s mental health become more important than ever?
  35. What was your favorite birthday and why? 
  36. Discuss ways to confront your biggest fears?
  37. What is the true meaning of life? 
  38. In your opinion, what is the influence of spiritual beliefs on your daily life? 
  39. What is your recent best memory? Discuss the emotional details that made it so special. Encourage others to share their own best memories. 
  40. Share impactful life lessons you’ve learned from personal experiences.
  41. What is the most important thing in life and why? 
  42. How do interesting conversations make you feel?
  43. What is your ideal lifestyle and why?
  44. What form of entertainment is your favorite and why?
  45. Who is a role model in your life?
  46. How does perspective affect life experience?
  47. What challenges and opportunities do kids face today that are unique from past generations?
  48. Write a list of 10 personal questions you’d like to ask someone.
  49. What is your all-time favorite movie?
  50. What are the most important lessons for a person to learn in life?

Okie dokie, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this list of topics about life.

A Few Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re writing an essay or need some deep conversation topics, these prompts will help you brainstorm interesting ideas. Grab your pen and notebook, and get started! 

You can practice writing these as short stories or journal entries to get the creative juices flowing. And the best part is that you can spin these prompts to a different angle as you see fit!

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