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72 Fantastic and Free 5th Grade Journal Prompts

5th Grade Journal Prompts and Writing Ideas for kids, teachers, and homeschoolers— Fresh journal prompts are always a great inspiration for students, whether they’ve been writing for years or just starting out. Yeppers, it’s true…

5th-Grade Journal Prompts

We have a fantastic list of 5th-grade journal prompts that I think you and your writers are going to love.

Best of all…

You get complete access to these journal prompts and writing ideas for free. Plus… I made a video recently of this list of writing ideas for fifth graders and hope you get a chance to watch it.

Fifth-Grade Journal Prompts and Writing Ideas

Journaling helps students work out problems on paper, create new ideas, and work through strong feelings and emotions in a constructive way. It also provides an outlet for students to experiment creatively with their writing style and to develop a process of healthy, daily reflections.

For 5th graders, journaling is also a great tool to encourage students to share thoughts and ideas with one another. Plus, it’s an awesome tool to help students build the invaluable foundational skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Now, we’ve put together a list of seventy-two wonderful and free 5th-grade writing prompts.

You see, these prompts aim for imagination and the process of ideas, but also will encourage students to think about their outside world and what goes on in their communities. Some prompts help students think about their interests and goals.

No matter what their individual interests may be, these 5th-grade writing prompts are sure to be a positive addition to the day for every student! Sit back, relax, and watch as your students fall in love with the ideas and inspiration that only journaling can bring.

Yeppers… if you need prompts and topics for your fifth graders, you are in luck because we have a fabulous list of ideas. You can use them in writing assignments, have your students create a journal entry with them, or perhaps use them for inspiration for an essay. Here is that list of ideas and topics to inspire your 5th-grade students this school year. Enjoy!

72 Fantastic 5th-Grade Journal Prompts

  1. My best day ever was
  2. Recycling is important because…
  3. My greatest accomplishment is
  4. If I lived in a different country, I…
  5. What would it be like to be a foreign exchange student?
  6. Once, I was worried about trying __________, but afterward _________
  7. Something I’d be scared to try is
  8. If I could live in any different century…
  9. I’m happy I’m an only child/older child/younger child because…
  10. The best book I ever read was
  11. If I was the president, I would ______
  12. I think high school will be like
  13. If I could drive, I would go…
  14. The science fair
  15. An awesome invention is
  16. The homework machine
  17. The best grade I ever got was
  18. My favorite thing on the Internet is
  19. People should…
  20. Getting ready for middle school
  21. What I like about my neighborhood.
  22. Getting lost in an invisible maze
  23. Finding a cave inside a tree
  24. The best thing to do on Halloween
  25. Good sportsmanship
  26. Traveling inside a volcano
  27. A trip to the museum
  28. A message in a bottle
  29. Creating a new recipe
  30. Living on a 5-star island resort
  31. Building an underground base
  32. If I had a radio talk show
  33. Donating to charity is important because…
  34. The benefits of a water-powered or an electric engine
  35. Planting trees
  36. Silly hats
  37. Getting lost in the mall
  38. Spinning in a tornado
  39. Tightrope walking
    5th Grade Writing Prompts
  40. If I could visit any historical landmark…
  41. The time I was most scared
  42. The funniest thing that ever happened to me
  43. The best advice I ever received
  44. The most influential person in my life
  45. I was surprised when __________
  46. Journaling is important because…
  47. A month with no computers
  48. My biggest goal
  49. Trying out for a team
  50. The best kind of weather is…
  51. Something I could never lose
  52. In ten years, I will ____________
  53. My dream job
  54. Who should win the election
  55. My favorite way to learn
  56. If they made a movie about my life, ______ would play me
  57. Living in an underground city…
  58. My favorite author
  59. If I could do one thing to make the world a better place, I would…
  60. Trying new things is…
  61. Remembering dreams
  62. When I need a quiet place, I go ______
  63. If I had a day to spend doing anything I wanted, I would ________
  64. If I were going on vacation, would I take a car, plane, train, boat, or _______?
  65. Uniforms at school are good or bad because…
  66. Could my family live without a car, and take bikes or walk places?
  67. What would happen if I saw a friend cheating on a test?
  68. If I was famous for something, it would be…
  69. A good neighbor is someone who…
  70. The best way to study is…
  71. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to…
  72. If I could volunteer somewhere, I would _________

Hopefully, this listing of 5th-grade journal prompts and writing topics is inspiring and useful to you and your students, children, and beloved kids. Use them with your good writers and your reluctant ones. And be sure to check our blog often as new writing prompts are added nearly every week!

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