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6 Super St Patrick’s Day School Activities

St Patrick’s Day School Activities for Kids + 13 Bonus Writing Prompts— In a stroke of luck, March ushers in the season in your classroom dedicated entirely to rainbows, gold, and scheming leprechauns. It may also usher in some green slime, leprechaun hats, or green glitter, too.

St Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

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If you’re an elementary or middle school teacher, you know that incorporating festive holidays into your classroom allows you to teach lessons about culture and history while also letting your students have a bit of fun along the way.


Below are six activities that you might consider for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

I hope you enjoy this resource on my blog and use these St Patrick’s Day activities in your lesson plans for elementary or middle school students.

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St Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

6 St Patrick’s Day School Activities for Kids

Idea #1 — Harmless Leprechaun Traps

Enhance the atmosphere of your classroom by setting up harmless — yet effective — leprechaun traps. A leprechaun trap can be created out of an old shoebox and decorated to look like an Irish haven.

Add lots of green, shamrocks, gold, some sticky glue or glitter, and a lucky 4-leaf clover and maybe you’ll catch a leprechaun for your students.

At the end of the school day…

Leave some chocolate gold coins near their desks to show that a leprechaun was around, or place one in the trap for your students to find.

Activity Idea #2 — Make Shamrock Shakes

Make your own shamrock shakes in the classroom. These can be a healthy and delicious snack that also allows your students to get into the spirit of the holiday.

One recipe for shamrock shakes calls for a banana, two cups of lime sherbet, and milk. Instead of creating them ahead of time and serving them to your students, give your kids the chance to get hands-on with this activity.

Show them how they can use household appliances to make the shakes and explain that shakes can be a healthy snack when fruit, vegetables, and other nutritious ingredients are added into the mix.

St Patrick’s Day Activity Idea #3 — Themed Story Time

Read your students one or two books about St. Patrick’s Day. Depending on the grade level of your classroom, you could opt for a cute story about a mischievous little leprechaun or you could read a historical account about the legend, life, and times of St. Patrick himself.

After you are done reading your book, encourage your students to write and share their own creative writing pieces about St. Patrick’s Day. They could write about the story/stories they just heard, or simply about a a four-leafed clover. Either way, some reflective or creative writing is a great way to up your student’s reading comprehension skills.

St. Patrick's Day Activities for Students

Story hour could be an alternative option to a party that typically involves treats and games.

St Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids Idea #4 — Scavenger Hunt

Send your students on a scavenger hunt throughout the classroom or around the school. You can use clues that require them to use their critical thinking skills as well as recent lessons in order to advance to the next spot.

Since it’s a St. Patrick’s Day activity, the final prize should be something found at the end of a rainbow. A pot of gold chocolate coins, some lucky marshmallow cereal, some shamrock-themed treats or another treat that is a celebration of Irish culture would be an ideal prize to receive considering the holiday.

Idea #5 — Saint Patrick’s Day Prompts

Give students time to write in their journals and reflect on St. Patrick’s Day. There are many different writing prompts that you can use to commemorate the holiday that also will help your students expand their writing skills and increase their critical thinking skills.

Whether your teaching in a kindergartener, first-grade or in a fifth grade classroom, you will find that writing prompts are an ideal activity to include for just about any holiday that you want to celebrate in school.

Idea #6 – End of the Rainbow Craft

Have your students create a rainbow art project. Allow them to get creative with the type of rainbow that they want to make.

Of course…

Some students may decide to create a traditional rainbow with each and every hue, while others may do a rainbow painting or create a rainbow collage with tissue paper.

Simply get out the art supplies in your classroom and let the colorful activity begin! Once your students are finished, you can use these rainbows in order to decorate for your St. Patrick’s Day party.

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BONUS! 13 St Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

In addition to the super St Patrick’s Day School Activities above you may want to use these prompts to get your kids writing about this holiday that is filled with luck, charm, and magic.

  1. Imagine that you actually did find the end of a rainbow. What do you think you would find there? What would you do with your treasure?
  2. On St. Patrick’s Day, you have to become the teacher for the day. You need to write instructions for how your classmates can catch a leprechaun. Detail each step that students need to take in order to catch this elusive creature.
  3. It seems that there are always leprechaun sightings around St. Patrick’s Day. But where do you think these mysterious creatures go throughout the rest of the year? Write a detailed description of where leprechauns spend their time when it’s not their favorite holiday.
  4. Do you and your family celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home? If so, what sorts of traditions do you enjoy together? If you do not, write about how you would create new St. Patrick’s Day traditions for you and your family.
  5. Write your own version of an Irish limerick in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.
  6. Much to your surprise, you wake up on St. Patrick’s Day and find out that a leprechaun has snuck into your bedroom. Describe what the scene looks like, and write a story about what you would do next.
  7. Write a letter to a leprechaun, and explain to the leprechaun why you could use a little bit of extra luck right now.

    Kids Writing Prompts for St Patrick's Day

  8. You have been told that you can transform one item that you own into solid gold. Which item would you make solid gold? Why? What would you do with that item after it has been turned to gold?
  9. Imagine that you are a news reporter who has been given an exclusive interview with a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day. You are allowed to ask the leprechaun five questions. Which five questions would you ask the leprechaun?
  10. Leprechauns are known for being sneaky creatures who hide gold all around, forcing many people to search for their treasure on St. Patrick’s Day. If you were a leprechaun, where would you hide the pot of gold? Why would you choose this location?
  11. You and your family are planning on taking a trip to Ireland. Where do you want to go in this country? What would you like to see?
  12. Imagine that you can only eat green foods on St. Patrick’s Day. Which foods would you choose? Would you select food that is naturally green, or would you transform some of your favorite foods into green treats? How would you change the colors of your food in order to make them green?
  13. Write a persuasive journal entry in order to convince your teacher to give you St. Patrick’s Day off of school.

You don’t need the luck of the Irish in order to get your students writing on St. Patrick’s Day. By offering them unique and interesting prompts, they will always be inspired to keep on writing!

More Writing Ideas for March

By choosing one or more of these easy St Patrick’s day school activities, you can transform your classroom into a space fit for a leprechaun while also giving your students a little something to learn along the way.

A little creativity goes a long way — keep pushing your students forward with exciting and inviting assignments.

Good luck planning your St Patrick’s Day school activities!

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St. Patrick's Day Activities for the Classroom
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