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10 Fun St Patrick’s Day Story Starters

St Patrick’s Day Story Starters and Writing Prompts — It’s a holiday filled with mischievous fun and magical discoveries at the end of the rainbow. Students love the excitement surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s great to capitalize on that joy and incorporate the holiday into your classroom lesson plans.

If your students keep a journal in your class or creative writing is part of your regular curriculum, you might want to consider some of these St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts for your classroom. Your students will improve their writing skills while they craft fun stories about mischievous leprechauns, magical lands, and extraordinary good luck!

St Patrick's Day Story Prompts for Kids

You don’t need the luck of the Irish in order to write fantastic journal entries in the month of March. All you have to do is keep on writing – and that’s easy to do with these fun writing prompts!

St Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts & Story Starter Ideas for Kids

Story Starter Idea #1 —  

You need to create a leprechaun trap in order to catch the elusive creature who is supposed to visit your classroom. How are you going to design your trap? What supplies are you going to use? Where will you place it in hopes of catching the little green man who may be carrying shamrocks or other magical items?

Story Idea #2 —  

Most people do not exchange gifts for St. Patrick’s Day. In this journal entry, write a letter to your teacher or your parents convincing them that St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday to give gifts. You may even want to offer a few suggestions for what you want for St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Idea #3 —  

Write a story from the perspective of a leprechaun who lives in Ireland. Your leprechaun is trying to hide a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so you need to create a story about how he accomplishes his goal. Remember that he has to face a few challenges along the way! Be creative, and be ready to share your story with your classmates when it is complete.

Idea #4 —  

Explain what you would do if you stumbled upon a four-leaf clover and were the luckiest person in the world for a day. What would happen to you? Would your luck impact your friends and family members?

Idea #5 —  

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that focuses on luck. Discuss a time that you felt very lucky. What happened that made you feel like such a lucky person? Is this something that you think might happen again to you?

St Patrick's Day Story Starters for Kids

Idea #6 —  

They are after your lucky charms! Write about a few objects that you consider to be lucky charms. Why do you feel this way? Do you keep them with you at all times? What do you think would happen if you lost one of your luckiest objects?

Idea #7 —  

Imagine that you are walking through a field after a rainstorm, and you notice a large rainbow in the distance. You are able to walk until you reach the end of the rainbow. What do you find there? Do you tell anyone about your magical adventure?

Idea #8 —  

You wake up one morning assuming that it’s another normal day and you have to get ready for school. Once you get into the bathroom, you look in the mirror and realize that you have turned into a leprechaun. What is your reaction? What will you do during your day as a leprechaun? Will you be a leprechaun who causes all kinds of trouble and mischief, or will you be a leprechaun who spreads luck and good cheer?

Story Idea #9 —  

Green is the official color of St. Patrick’s Day. Write about your favorite thing that is green. Draw a picture of this object to share with your friends, and explain why it is your favorite green item. Do you have a favorite green food?

Story Starter Idea #10 —  

Complete research on Ireland in the school library. Choose one city in Ireland to write about. Explain why you chose this city, what you find most interesting about it, and a little bit about what life is like in this Irish town. You also can discuss the differences and the similarities between your own hometown and the community you chose to research in Ireland.

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St Patrick's Day Story Starters for Students
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