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December Writing Ideas: 30 Holiday Journal Prompts

The holiday season is a joyous time filled with love, laughter, and happy memories.  It’s also a great opportunity for kids to get creative and have fun with some silly journal prompts.  During December, students will have the chance to create their own stories

October Writing Prompts

In these new October writing prompts, students will get to focus on a favorite topic: themselves. They’ll think about their interests by writing on their favorite games, hobbies, and family members.

September Writing Prompts

In these 30 September daily writing prompts, students will reflect on political issues facing our world today. They’ll consider the benefits they enjoy by living in America as well as the challenges that being an American presents.

31 Back to School Prompts

These 31 special writing prompts for August are the perfect way to help students think about the places they’ve been—and more importantly, the places they’re going.

July Writing Prompts: 31 New Ideas

July writing ideas for kids— After spending the month of June trying new things and testing their own limits, students will love the chance to think about the future and all of the new experiences it might bring. In these prompts for July, students will

June Writing Prompts: 30 Fun Writing Ideas

With these June writing prompts, you’ll try something new each day and write about your experiences. Write about the thing you tried and consider whether it was difficult to try something new. What did you enjoy (or dislike) about each new experience?

30 May Writing Prompts

In these new May writing prompts students will get creative as they think about the similarities and differences between various experiences.
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