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53 Power of a Smile Writing Ideas

Power of a Smile Journal Prompts— They say smiling is contagious – that’s why smiles hold such power over everyone. Smiles can make people feel better on a bad day and can inspire hope in those who feel lost.

Journal Prompts about the Power of a Smile

With these 53 new journal prompts, students can think about the power of a smile and what those smiles mean for the world. They’ll consider their own feelings while giving and receiving smiles, in addition to what a smile really means. Students can also think about the universality of smiles and how a smile can have real results.

Your students will undoubtedly smile while working on these journal prompts that push them to think about the differences they can make. Journaling encourages students to push their creative limits while getting to know themselves in a new way. As they journal about the power a smile can hold, students will begin to realize the power they hold inside themselves.

With these journal prompts, students will be ready to go out and start smiling all the time. You won’t be able to help smiling when you see how excited they get to consider the power of a smile!

Journal Prompts: Power of a Smile Writing Ideas

  1. How does smiling make you feel?
  2. Are smiles really contagious?
  3. Where do smiles come from?
  4. If I’m having a bad day and someone smiles at me, I feel…
  5. Write about why smiling is a universal symbol.
  6. What does a smile say?
  7. What are some things that make you smile?
  8. Could a smile help a sick person feel better?
  9. Smiling can make people feel…
  10. When you make the effort to smile all day, what happens?
  11. How could I start a smiling campaign?
  12. Should people try to smile even when they’re upset?
  13. How do you feel when someone smiles at you?
  14. Smiles are free – how many can you give away?
  15. How can I remind myself to smile more?
  16. Can smiles change lives?
  17. If everyone smiled more, the world would…
  18. Who makes you smile?
  19. Did you know it takes more muscles to frown than to smile? Write about why this encourages smiling.
  20. When someone smiles at me, I know…
  21. I think that __________ has a beautiful smile because…
  22. When people smile, they…
  23. How often do you smile?
  24. What could a smile mean to someone having a bad day?
  25. When strangers smile at you, how do you feel?
  26. I always smile when…
  27. Why is it important to smile?
  28. What can you learn from seeing someone smile?
  29. How do you smile in pictures?
  30. Do you know anyone you could call a “professional smiler”?
  31. It’s hard to smile when…
  32. Smiles are a sign of…
    Power of a Smile Writing Ideas and Journal Prompts
  33. Describe three types of smiles. What do they mean?
  34. Do you smile at strangers?
  35. People smile when I…
  36. I think smiles help people to…
  37. I couldn’t stop smiling when…
  38. A smile a day can…
  39. Write a letter telling someone why smiling is important.
  40. What does a smile mean?
  41. Smiling feels good because…
  42. How can you keep your smile looking good?
  43. The best kind of smiles are…
  44. Thinking about __________ makes me smile.
  45. Can a smile make things better?
  46. Who do you know that always smiles?
  47. What can you do to make people smile?
  48. When I smile, other people…
  49. With more smiles in the world, we could…
  50. If a picture speaks a thousand words, how many words does a smile speak?
  51. How could I promote smiling?
  52. What inspires you to smile?
  53. What if people always smiled?

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