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30 Thoughtful and Fun Writing Prompts for September

Yes! Writing Prompts for September + Free Printable — Yes! Below, you’ll find not one, but two September-themed prompt lists. Plus, there’s a FREE printable journal prompts calendar, too.

Writing Prompts for September

That means this month you can inspire your students to write about the type of positive changes they think the world could use or have them focus on fun and favorites.

Of course, you could make things extra engaging and have learners write about topics from both of our September writing prompts lists.

You see…

In our first list of 30 September journal prompts, students consider their wishes for the world. And…

With our second list, your writers explore a random mix of lighter writing prompts including some of their favorite things.

So get to it and take a look now and then use these writing ideas during the month of September in your classroom to teach your students about important world issues from a lens of positivity.

However you use these fabulous prompts with your writers, just do it!

Try a Reflective Journaling Practice with Your Students

With a new school year just beginning and commemorative Patriot Day events taking place, September is the perfect time for students to think about the challenges ahead of our world.

In this first list of September daily prompts, students will reflect on political issues facing our world. They’ll consider the benefits they enjoy living in the United States as well as the challenges that being an American presents. 

Further, this list offers different options to write about and includes prompts about world peace, environmental concerns, and poverty also encourages students to think about the issues that are larger than they are.

At the end of the month, students will have spent time writing about and reflecting on the types of important topics that will shape their beliefs over the next several years.

30 Thoughtful Writing Prompts for September (List #1)

This is a thought provoking, wonderful list of September journal writing prompts. It is, in my view, a powerful tool to address the deeper writing needs of your students.

Note: Many of the prompts celebrate Patriot Day, and while many of today’s students were born after 9/11 or are too young to remember the day, they’ve still experienced the repercussions and effects of the tragic historic event. They will learn about the day in history books and they need to understand its significance, but it’s also important to avoid dwelling exclusively on sadness.  

  1. Write about something that causes stress in your life. What can be done to change it?
  2. What does the world need most?
  3. What are some good examples of charitable behavior?
  4. Is it difficult to be understanding of other cultures? Why or why not?
  5. Why is it important to look at issues from multiple perspectives?
  6. What is the greatest thing about living in America?
  7. Write about a model of good in your life. How does this person inspire you?
  8. If you could solve a single political issue, what would it be? Why would you choose this particular issue?
  9. What does it mean to give back to the community? Why is it important?
  10. Write about living in America at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. What would life have been like? How has our quality of life changed since then?
  11. If you could invent anything to help other people, what would you create?
  12. Is world peace possible? Why or why not?
  13. How is life in other countries different from life in America?
  14. How can you influence others to be more positive?
  15. How can you try to relate better to people with different ideas?
  16. Write about three great ways that the world has changed over the past 100 years.
    Journal Prompt Ideas for September
  17. What will happen to our environment in the next 100 years?
  18. If you had the chance to live in another country, would you take it? Why or why not?
  19. Why do people have wars?
  20. Can war solve problems? Why or why not?
  21. What is the greatest concern facing our world today?
  22. What is the best way to create change in our world?
  23. Write about someone you know who is giving and selfless. How can you be more like this person?
  24. How can you help in the fight against poverty? How can you encourage others to do the same?
  25. Write about a technological development you’d like to see. How would it help people across the world?
  26. How do you feel about America’s military? Do you know anyone who serves or has served?
  27. Where do you think America will be in 30 years?
  28. How would you explain life in America to someone from another country?
  29. Write about a person who is doing good things in the world.
  30. What is your greatest wish for the world?

I hope you found this list of reflective September Writing Prompts inspiring. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to use them in your lesson plans for your kids.

Fun and Favorite Writing Prompts for September (List #2)

Now, if you are looking for a random mix of lighter writing prompts, check out these writing ideas.

  1. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
  2. September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day. What is your favorite type of pizza and why?
  3. Write about your favorite part of the school day.
  4. Write about your least favorite part of the school day.
  5. September 6th is national read a book day. What is your favorite book?
  6. National Grandparents day is in September.  Write a short story about a grandma or grandpa going on a fun adventure with you.
  7. Write a letter to a pen pal introducing yourself and telling them the most interesting thing about you.
  8. Write an acrostic poem about September.
  9. Who do you consider to be your best friend and why?
  10. Favorite writing prompts are simple ideas that nearly every writer can answer without much effort. Plus, they are an excellent way to get those creative juices flowing for writers of all skill levels. Here are some good ones to write about:
    • Favorite foods
    • Favorite movies
    • Favorite character
    • Favorite novel or book
    • Favorite toy
    • Season
    • Holiday
    • Pet
    • Place
    • TV shows
    • Favorite form of entertainment
    • Video games
    • Hobbies
    • Family member
    • Celebrities
    • Role models

Now, for even more September writing prompts inspiration, check out this…

September Monthly Journal Prompts Calendar (Printable PDF)

I’ve put together a month of fun September Writing Prompts in a free printable PDF for you and your writers.

Yay! Daily Prompts for September are here.

—> September Printable Monthly Prompt Calendar

Bonus! Tap on each day’s prompt to see the full list of ideas for that prompt.

Sept 2023 Daily Printable Prompts Calendar by JournalBuddies

Ok, have your writers grab a pen, pencil, notebook, computer, tablet, phone, worksheet, or any writing tool of their choice, and get to creating that very first September journal entry today.

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