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Elementary, Middle & High School Graduation

 Congratulations Graduates!

I was recently contacted by a wonderful woman and asked to write a journaling page for inclusion in a journal book she was compiling for her son.  Very soon her son would be graduating from High School, and she wanted to gift him some words of wisdom and insight from adults.

I loved her idea so much that I decided to share it here with you. This is a wonderful gift idea for elementary school graduation and middle school graduates as well, so feel free to modify it to fit your child’s age.Elementary Girl Graduate

The Graduate Gift Concept

Simply ask as many people as you’d like to complete the journal questions listed below.  Then, take their replies and compile the journal pages into a unique journaling book for your school graduate.    Viola!  Your child now has a powerful and timeless gift they can treasure for years to come.

Four Simple Journaling Ideas for the Graduating Child

  • One: A picture of yourself at the age of your graduating child and one of you now.
  • Two: What is your wish or prayer for _______________’s future?
  • Three: What is your favorite life quote that guides you in your journey?
  • Four: What is the best advice you were given and how has it helped you?

This journal for your child graduate is as simple as that.  Now, to show you how wonderful this journaling idea really is, I’d like to share my answers for a high school graduate.  Enjoy and happy journaling!

Congratulations Graduate!!!
(A Sample Journal Entry by Jill to a High School Grad)

1.  A picture of yourself at 18 and now.

2.  What is your wish or prayer for my Child’s future?

My greatest wish for your child’s future is that he allow his true self to guide his choices, actions, and decisions. Please take the time to tune into your inner wisdom, to your heart and follow the guidance and information that you receive by doing so.

Know that you – and you alone – know what is best for you. But do not disregard the help and support of those who love you.

Know also that you will make mistakes and that you can overcome them all. Be kind to yourself and to others and let your light shine upon this world through sharing your unique gifts today and forever.

3.  What is your favorite life quote that guides you in your journey?

This quote has been one of my favorites for nearly 2 decades.  I hope you will take the time to digest the full measure of these wise words.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

4.  What is the best advice you were given and how has it helped you?

The best advice I was given was to believe in myself and to know that everything I need to not only survive but also to thrive in this world is within.

Your knowledge, your truth and your wisdom are within you.  They are your loyal companions who will guide you on your life’s journey.  They will help you to discover your chosen path, to choose your partners along the way and to create the life of your dreams.  All that you need IS in you now.  Find it, grow it, and share it.

What mistakes should/could you have avoided by listening to someone older and wiser?

There are too many mistakes that I’ve made to recount them here, but a single theme ties them all together.  Ask for, listen to and consider the advice of your elders but in the end always, always, always follow your own inner truth.

How can you discern the truth and at the same time consider the wisdom of your elders?  I suggest that you learn how to follow your heart’s wisdom.  You see, your head tends to make decisions complex and difficult, but your heart is very clear, simple and straightforward.  Learning to listen to the wisdom of your heart is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

And please DO give your elders the respect they deserve, but do NOT ever give by diminishing yourself.  Respect never makes you feel less than another.  Respect is about seeing each other eye to eye, as equals who are at different stages of life.  But one is not more valuable than the other, although one may be wiser!

There are times, however, when the wisdom of the child is greater than the wisdom of the elder.  It is ever changing.  Yet the one thing that never changes is your heart wisdom.  Tune in, ask, listen and follow it, and I promise that you will know the best decision to make to fulfill your personal truth on this lovely planet of ours.

Congratulations on graduating!

Here’s to a happy life!

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3 thoughts on “Elementary, Middle & High School Graduation”

  1. One additional suggestion, as your graduate moves on, ask him or her what advice he or she would pass on to younger kids. What could he or she done to have made their own lives better.
    What goals does the graduate have for their future lives. what goals do you have for your future schooling? For fun.
    for your career. What goals do you have to make your life feel worthwhile.
    I personally think that a red and white convertible and a house with a wrapawrouond porch would make my life much happier and doable. I also want to go to France. And I want to get a whole lot of paper out of my house and into the recycle bins. Life is a cycle of small goals, medium goals and long rang goals and fun goals. Make sure you mix in a few of all kinds.
    Happy path making.

  2. What a fabulous suggestion, Jean. Thank you!!!! And Mari Jo, I’m so glad you found the idea inspiring. 😀 Happy journaling…

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