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How to Start Writing in a Journal

Writing in a journal and how to start even if you’re not a writer— Writing in a journal may be a difficult task especially if you are not a fan of writing. But there are a lot of people who find joy in writing and journaling about their life. Journal writing is a fun activity that you can enjoy.  It is up to you to make the moment delightful. So how can you start writing a journal entry?

How to Start Journal WritingThe first thing that you have to do is to find a journal where you can write your thoughts and feelings as well as anything else that sparks your interest. You can look for a journal that makes you feel good every time you write something in it. Your journaling book can be something that suits your personality or your interests and hobbies. The first journal that makes you feel good when you see it could be the best journal for you. Just be sure to always choose a nice journal or stationery. Also, if you want to have a personalized pen just for writing in your journal, buy one.

Choose the time and place where you can write in your journal. This is your private moment so it is important that nobody interrupts you. You wouldn’t want people bugging you while you are writing your thoughts, right? So choose the time when you can be alone. You can write in your bedroom, on the couch, outdoors in nature, or in your sacred space. There are a lot of places that can stimulate you to write. Having a specific journaling spot can help you set your mind and mood.

Remember to date your journal entries; you might even record your current location. It’s like writing a history book so you need to give details. Write down the time, date, weather conditions, and place especially if you are in a new location. (These types of details can be disregarded if you choose.)

Now it’s time to start writing your journal entry. This may be a bit slow-going at first if you are not used to writing in a journal. Of course, you can choose to use journal prompts to jumpstart your writing if you prefer. There are a lot of journal prompts on this site or online. You could make your own journal prompt jar and before you are going to write you just pick a topic from your jar.

You can write anything you want because there are no rules except yours. Your journal is your world and you can do and write anything that you like. Write your thoughts, emotions, questions, reflections, memories, and the like. You will not be criticized and graded. You are free to do whatever you want. You can try different techniques like collage, drawing, etc. The important thing is that you are able to express your thoughts. Be creative in writing. But do not worry about catching up on the past events if you have not written in your journal for quite a while. Just start from the present.

How to Start Journal WritingStop journaling when you feel that you have written all the things that you want to write. You can use a lot of pages if you want to as long as you are still in the mood and as long as you still feel inspired to do so. Remember, your journal is your world.

It is always nice to re-read your journal. There are things that you can learn from your journal keeping efforts. You might find that some fabulous insight pops out to you upon revisiting your journal entries. You will most certainly see how much you have changed and grown.

What’s stopping you from writing in a journal today? Nothing, so get to it! 😀 Here are some creative journaling ideas to help you along in your journal keeping adventures.

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