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Wild What If Questions for Kids (62 Prompts!)

Newly updated with two lists and 62 What If Questions for Kids— Oh yeah! As a teacher, you’ve probably heard the phrase “What if?” from your students more times than you can count.

Journal Prompts that Ask What If?

Perhaps your students come up to you with pleading eyes, and say “What if you postponed the quiz just one more day?” They also may try to play devil’s advocate with you, “But what if the principal says it’s okay?”


It’s your chance to turn this phrase around on them. The next time they write in their journal, make them choose a “What if” question to answer. Yeppers, you can use the list of what if questions and writing prompts shown below to get your class interested in writing and to help them develop their language skills.

Best of all..

These “What if” statements are fun for kids because they allow them to imagine different scenarios and transcribe them in their journals. It encourages them to think creatively and to get out of their comfort zone while writing.

Oh, and this list of What If Questions are useful for elementary school journals as well as middle and high school journals and might just become their new favorite thing!

Plus, parents can also use these what if questions around the dinner table to engage their children in some interesting and fun conversation.

Take a look now and enjoy!

30 Wild (and Wonderful!) What If Questions for Kids

Enjoy these what if questions and prompts! These open-ended questions can also be used as conversation starters and icebreaker questions.

  1. What if you were the teacher for the day? What would you teach the class? What homework would you assign?
  2. What if you were running for election? What office would you pursue? What would your campaign slogan be?
  3. What if you transformed into your pet? What would you do during the day?
  4. What if you could control the weather? How would you change today’s forecast?
  5. What if you discovered that you had a superpower? What would your superpower be? How would you use it?
  6. What if you woke up and you were living in a different time period? Which time period would it be? How is life different in that time period?
  7. What if you could spend the day with your favorite athlete. Who would you choose? What would you do?
  8. What if you could talk to animals? Which animals would you talk to? What would you talk about?
  9. What if you had your own kingdom? What rules would you make? What would your kingdom be like?
  10. What if you were lost in a forest and had only one tool for survival? What would your tool be? How would you use it?
  11. What if you could be one of the characters from your favorite book? Which character would you choose? Would you change the outcome of the story?
  12. What if you met an alien on the way home from school? Would you head back to its home planet? What would you do with the alien?
  13. What if you had to cook dinner for your entire family? What would you make? What would you do if they didn’t like it?
  14. What if your favorite sports team won the championship? How would you react? How would you celebrate?
  15. What if you could leave tomorrow for a vacation to any place in the world? Where would you go? What would you do?
  16. What if your teacher could read your mind? What would your teacher be able to hear?
    What If Scenario Writing Prompts for Kids
  17. What if you could read your teacher’s mind? What do you think your teacher would be thinking?
  18. What if you could choose to plant a magical plant in a garden. Which plant would you choose? What magical powers would it have?
  19. What if you woke up and you were speaking a new language? Which language would it be and why?
  20. What if you had to move to a new state? Where would you go? How would you feel about the big move?
  21. What if you could prevent one historical event from happening? Which event would you stop? What impact do you think it would have?
  22. What if you had the opportunity to be in a movie? Which type of role would you play? What would you do after you were famous?
  23. What if you could only play with one toy for the rest of your life? Which toy would you choose?
  24. What if all of your electronics disappeared tomorrow? How would you occupy yourself?
  25. What if you and all of your friends were on a TV show? What type of TV show would it be? Which characters would you portray? What would happen?
  26. What if you drank a magic potion that allowed you to fly? Where would you fly to? Would you like flying?
  27. What if you could buy any car in the world. Which car would you buy? What color would it be?
  28. What if you could travel to outer space? Where would you go? Who would you bring with you?
  29. What if you could only save one of your memories? Which memory would you save? Why?
  30. What if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life? Which meal would you choose? Why?

I hope you enjoyed this list of what if questions and that your writers found inspiration in their creative writing!

32 MORE Wonderful and Wild What If Questions

Now, in case the 30 What If Questions above weren’t enough to inspire your writers, check out this list of ideas. Pick a topic and have fun!

  1. What if dragons, ghosts, and toddlers ruled the world?
  2. What if your birthday took place every month?
  3. What if your family members disappeared one day out of the blue?
  4. What if creativity ruled the world and logic was scorned?
  5. What if a wild animal lived under your bed? 
  6. What if your favorite color disappeared from the world?
  7. What if keeping a big, exciting secret was easy? What if it the hardest thing?
  8. What if you could build an amusement park that you designed? 
  9. What if the internet had never been invented? What would the world look like?
  10. What if the weirdest thing you can imagine happened to you? 
  11. What if you could only take a shower once a year?
  12. What if your favorite outfit suddenly turned shabby as you were wearing it? 
  13. What if you turned into a cartoon character and made an appearance in your favorite movie?
  14. What if you could create a new holiday? What would it be and why? Is it your favorite holiday?
  15. What if car rides were a thing of the ancient past? How does the world look without cars?
  16. What if Santa played a trick on you this Halloween?
  17. What if you received the best gift you can imagine?
  18. What if your favorite day of the week never arrived?
  19. What if rivers were made of chocolate and your pants of frosting?
  20. What if you could keep a pet dragon or elephant or giraffe?
  21. What if Christmas wasn’t a perfect day? How would that look for you and your family? 
  22. What if your favorite animal could go to school for you? Would it take your favorite subject? 
  23. What if you could time travel with your best friend anywhere in the universe. Where would you go?
  24. What if your real life suddenly transformed into a fantasy world? 
  25. What if dinosaurs were still alive on earth?
  26. What if you were the only person who could invent robots? Would you do it?
  27. What if you won the lottery?
  28. What if comedy and humor were required in every class at your school?
  29. What if your best childhood friendship never happened? How would you life be different?
  30. What if you find yourself a main character in a romance move. What happens next? 
  31. What if you go on a. mission to the moon and discover a cure for….
  32. What if your entire life was lived in a small town (or a big city?) or could only ever give one-word answers?

No matter which what if question or prompt your students choose, it’s just important that they keep on writing!

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Ok, hopefully you got your creative juices flowing with these fun and innovative what if questions.

And remember, we offer you and your writers loads of free writing prompts in a variety of genres and categories. From science fiction to short stories, story ideas to story starters, there’s something here for every writer.

Until next time, write on…

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Journal Ideas that Ask What If

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