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Journal Activities to Improve Writing Skills

Journal Activity Ideas—- It’s never too early to start teaching kids how to write—and with these fun journal activities, your students will be eager to learn!  Use these seven exciting journal exercises to improve your elementary school students’ writing skills.

7 Journaling Activities to Improve Writing

1. Write Letters to Loved Ones

The old-fashioned art of letter-writing may not be super common anymore, but it’s still a fun way for kids to practice their writing skills!  Set your students up with pen pals from a classroom across the country—or have them write to grandparents, long-distance relatives, or even their own classmates and friends.

2. Practice Poems

Poems are a wonderful and effective way to help young students become better writers.  Because poetry utilizes so many different methods and deals so deeply with descriptive language, students will quickly learn things like the importance of word choice and how to create a tone and effect with their words.

3. Create Silly Short Stories

When you’re looking to get kids writing and you want them to be excited about the process, silly short stories are your new best friend!  When kids write short fiction, they are able to fully explore their imaginations and their wildest dreams can come to life on the page.  And most importantly, the act of writing a story stretches all of their writing muscles in one simple exercise.

4. Add More Adjectives

Once your students have been practicing various writing exercises for a while, it can be fun to have them go back over some of their old work and add to it for effect.  One of the simplest ways to do this is to take an extra pass with the purpose of adding more adjectives.  Kids will love the chance to liven up their writing—and they’ll quickly learn how much adding new descriptions can help them to communicate!

5. Describe the Picture

Another fun and simple journal activity for elementary school kids?  Have each student choose a favorite picture and then write about what they see in the image.  Encourage kids to be as descriptive as possible and to use sensory language to create an image with their words!Use these seven exciting journal exercises to improve your elementary school students’ writing skills.

6. Explain It To Someone Who’s Never Seen It

In this exercise, students should choose any object they like—and then write about it as if they were describing it to someone who had never seen it (such as a younger child or even an alien from another planet!).  Encourage students to use great detail and to discuss the object’s shape, size, colors, and more—as well as how the object works or what it does.

7. Write as a Group

Bring the whole class together and let everyone get in on the fun by writing a collaborative story as a group!  Your students won’t be able to stop laughing at the silly combinations they can come up with when they take turns writing sentences and adding to the story piece by piece.  As they work, you can emphasize the importance of writing concepts like story structure, continuity, character development, and descriptive language.

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Use these seven exciting journal exercises to improve your elementary school students’ writing skills.

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