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Spring Art Projects for Elementary Students

As color begins to creep back into the landscape again during spring time, you can incorporate these same beautiful hues into your elementary classroom. Spring is the ideal time to get started on some colorful art projects as well as to explore seasonal concepts

Writing for Fun

Writing for Fun, Especially in the Summertime— Is there such a thing as writing for fun? Well, in today’s world, filled with computers and other state-of-the-art gadgets, most people do not really pay much attention to the art of writing, especially doing so by

Parent and Kid Summer Journaling Activity

Concerned former youth worker and Youth Studies graduate promotes journal keeping in a way that helps parents and kids connect and that has a self-esteem building emphasis at the heart of the experience. Parent & Kid Summer Journaling Activity A well-loved kids journal, Journal

Character Building Activities for Kids

Character Building Activities You Can Do With Your Kids— It is important for kids to experience character building activities throughout their childhood because these types of activities instill values and morals into children while they are still young.  Moreover, character building activities create foundational life

Why Journal Writing Can Benefit Your Child

Journal Writing— The art of writing a journal is priceless and timeless but not all people are fond of writing. Many young students find it intimidating and difficult. But there are a lot of benefits if your child ventures into journal writing. You can