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Kids Journaling Prompts to Help Your Child Thrive

In this article, you’ll discover 14 kids journaling prompt ideas and learn more about some of the benefits your child will experience by keeping a journal. But first, let’s explore how goal- and dream-themed journal entries can help your child improve their academic performance.

Kids Journal Prompts for Goals and Dreams

Journaling Can Help Your Child Thrive

Whether a child has just learned to write and is heading into kindergarten, or a high school student is beginning to prepare for college, a journal is a great tool.

This is because…

Journaling is a beneficial practice for young people in so many ways. Firstly, writers of all ages can use journal keeping to improve their writing skills. Secondly, they can work on their critical thinking skills. Finally, they can process their own thoughts and emotions in their journals.

So, yes!

Journal keeping can help your kids thrive, and succeed in their life now and in the future.

Plus… Not only will frequent journaling have a positive impact on a child’s academic success, but it can also help them on a personal level.

Today, however, we will focus on how journaling provides children with an outlet to clearly identify their goals and dreams and the steps needed to achieve them.

How a “Goal & Dreams Themed” Kid Journal Entry or Entries Can Help Your Child Thrive

The practice of creating a goal and dream-themed journal can help kids become more familiar with the process of both setting goals and planning how to achieve them.

You see, when kids spend time writing in a goal-themed journal, they learn that they have a safe space where they can flush out all the details about their own hopes and ideas for the future.

We think it is ideal if a kid is encouraged to write down any and all ideas that they have about their future. And… it is best if they can do so without fear of judgment. Indeed, we believe this is how kids can best explore their future life and career aspirations through the practice of journal keeping.

Furthermore, goal journaling can help them identify specific and measurable steps needed to ensure their dreams come true. (For more on this topic, see our related post about how to set goals using the SMART formula and how to help your kids use it.)

So, get to it and have your kid grab a pen or pencil right now and get started expressing their desires and creativity in their very own journal. By doing so, you will have them on their way to creating the successful life you want them to have.

We hope you agree that our list of kids journaling ideas below is a great place to start!

14 Kids Journaling Prompts to Help Kids Identify Goals, Dreams, and Ideas

  1. Write about three things you are good at. How can you use these skills in a career? 
  2. What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?
  3. Write about what you think it would be like to spend a day doing your dream job.
  4. What is your favorite subject in school? Why do you like it? Write about three ways you can improve in this subject.
  5. What is your least favorite subject in school? Why don’t you like it? Write about three ways you can improve in this subject.
  6. Write down a list in your notebook or journal of everything you have to do this week. What is the most important task on your list? What is the least important task?
  7. Who is your role model? Why do you look up to this person? How can you be more like your role model?
    Kids Journal Prompts for Goals and Dreams
  8. What are your goals for this school year? How can you accomplish those goals?
  9. What is your favorite hobby or pastime? Can you transform that hobby into a career? 
  10. Imagine what it would be like to be an adult. What would you do all day if you were an adult? 
  11. If you could make the rules, what rules would you make? Which rules would you get rid of?
  12. What are the best qualities that a person can have? Why?
  13. Think about the last big decision that you made. Do you think you made the right choice? Why or why not?
  14. Think about your dream job. What steps will you have to take in order to make your dream come true?

Looking to the Future

We are here to tell you that whether your kids are looking ahead to high school, college, or potential career paths, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future. Journaling is one of the best ways to help kids plan ahead, as the practice offers a way to record thoughts, emotions, ideas, and plans.

Hopefully, our 14 kids journaling ideas listed above inspired you and your kids and that these ideas spark loads of wonderful, insightful, and helpful journal entries from your journal writers.

Most of all, we hope these kids goal-themed journaling prompts help them get started writing in their journals today. Because by answering a daily prompt or engaging in regular free-writing, kids will become more comfortable expressing their thoughts and communicating their feelings now and into the future.

Top 2 Kids Journaling Key Benefits

There are few things in this world we love more than keeping a journal. In order to inspire this love in you and your kids, you are invited to check out this fantastic list of the benefits of journaling your kids can and will experience. So don’t delay. Get your kid journaling today to create the healthy, life-long habit of journal keeping today!

1. Creates a Safe Place for Exploration

A child’s journal is his or her private space—a place to record thoughts without fear of judgment or repercussions. This is why it’s important to ensure children’s privacy with their journals so that they can safely and comfortably explore their thoughts. While kids might not always feel comfortable discussing their dreams in front of others, there is no need for embarrassment or fear in the process of writing a journal. This allows kids to think about the many potential paths that lie ahead and to consider each as an equal opportunity. Writing is a place for imagination and possibility.

2. Offers a Chance for Reflection

Kids live in a busy world today. Between school, homework, sporting practices, and music lessons, it’s easy for them to keep moving on to the next activity without ever pausing to make sure that they are on the right track. Journaling offers kids a chance to slow down and reflect on their lives and the decisions they’re making. So, by taking a closer look at their feelings and thoughts, kids can become more attuned to the elements of life that are most important to them.

Kids Writing Prompts for the Future, Setting Goals, and Defining Dreams

3 More Kids Journaling Benefits

3. Provides Consistency

In addition to providing kids with an opportunity to reflect, journaling also offers consistency and gives stability to their daily routines. Though kids face uncertainty and stress from multiple sources each day, journaling offers a regular respite from life’s demands. If you’re trying to help kids shape a responsible daily routine, try incorporating journaling as a morning or evening activity where kids can set an intention for the day or reflect on their experiences.

4. Helps to Clarify Emotions

Adolescence is a difficult time, filled with conflicting emotions and roller-coasters of feelings. All too often, kids might not even be aware of the sources of their feelings or the particular emotions they experience. Journaling helps kids clarify these feelings. As kids write about their experiences, reactions, and emotions, they can make sense of life and develop a greater understanding of themselves.

5. Improves Communication Skills

Wherever your kids go in life, they’ll benefit greatly if they are skilled at communicating. Yes, journaling improves general reading and writing skills and helps kids learn how to describe things specifically. That’s why when kids write, they become more comfortable expressing their own impressions and they learn how to articulate meaning better. Whether your child ends up working as a dental hygienist, an accounting specialist, or a songwriter, he or she will benefit greatly from years spent working on communication skills in journals!

More Kids Journaling Resources

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