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Easter Activities for Kindergarten

As springtime arrives in the classroom, kindergarten teachers often begin preparing for another round of festivities. This time, it’s for Easter and the start of spring!

Easter Activites for the Kindergarten Classroom

Easter activities for kindergarten students are ideal for incorporating a bit of education into the classroom party and they also help you fill out your lesson plans for your springtime themes.

Farm animals, life cycles, flowers, weather, and Easter are all themes that can be used for kindergarten curriculum at this time of the year.

Here are some Easter activities you can consider using in your kindergarten classroom this year!

6 Easter-Themed Activities for Kindergarteners

1. Jelly Bean Graphing — For this activity, each student gets a handful of colorful jelly beans. Ask them to sort out the beans by their various colors. Once they have each color sorted into its own pile, give them a graph and crayons that match the colors of the jelly beans. Have them graph the number of colors that they have of each bean. This is a great way to squeeze a bit of math learning into the Easter celebration at school. After they have finished their assignment, they can enjoy their juicy candy treat!

2. Alphabet Egg Scramble — This activity requires you to have a bunch of plastic Easter eggs on hand. On each half of the shell, write a lowercase letter and the corresponding uppercase letter on the opposite half. Mix them up in a bag and give them to the students. They must work together in order to match the lowercase letters with their uppercase counterparts. This helps with letter identification and early writing skills. Connecting the eggs together also allows them to work on their fine motor skills!

3. Chicken and Egg Life Cycle Learning — Springtime is a wonderful time to explore the concepts of life cycles since most farm animals are born during this season. Prior to beginning your Easter party that is filled with colorful eggs and tiny, yellow chicks, you can explain how chickens lay eggs that hatch into baby chicks. You can use visual aids, such as photos and videos, to show pictures of adult chickens, eggs, eggs that are hatching, and the baby chicks that are born afterward the hatch is complete.

Kindergarten Easter Activities for the Classroom

4. Easter Egg Play Dough Decorating — Let the kids get a little messy during the Easter festivities. Make pastel-colored play dough to use in the classroom. Then, you can laminate coloring sheets featuring blank Easter eggs. The students can use the play dough to create shapes and designs to decorate the laminated eggs. By laminating the sheets, you can reuse this activity from year after year. It will be worth the effort, as this is sure to be a hit with all of your kindergarten students!

5. Bunny Ear Craft — The best Easter parties in kindergarten include a fun craft. There’s no better way to celebrate Easter with 5- and 6-year-old students than to allow them to be their own bunny! This bunny ear craft is simple. You can use construction paper to cut strips of paper that will fit around the kids’ heads like a crown. Then, cut out white, brown, and gray ear shapes for the students to choose for their hats. Use pink felt to add dimension to the inside of the ears. Glue all of the pieces together and the kids have made a simple and fun costume for their party!

6. A Tisket, a Tasket, Build a Little Basket — Perhaps your party is going to include an egg hunt, or maybe you just want to send your kids home with their very own Easter basket. Either way, this craft will be ideal for your Easter festivities. Purchase small woven baskets from the local supply store or discount store. Buy ribbon in pastel colors. Teach the kids how to weave the ribbon in and out of the basket holes so that they can decorate their very own Easter basket. The weaving portion of the activity helps to build their fine motor skills and also allows the kids to showcase their creativity. Once the project is complete, they will have their own colorful basket to take home!

More Easter Resources for Kids

There are plenty of creative ways to incorporate the fun of Easter into the traditional curriculum subjects, including science, math, and writing. Hopefully, these ideas help you get started as you plan out all of the Easter fun in your kindergarten classroom this year!

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Easter-Themed Activities for Kindergarten
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