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31 Brilliant Creative Essay Prompts

Creative Writing Essay Prompts and a few Bonus Quick Tips — If you are helping your students explore how to write a creatively themed essay, you may want to try these creative writing prompts. Creative essay prompts are a great way to get students excited about writing. Discover more now…

Creative Essay Prompts


Creative essay prompts give writers a chance to express themselves, well…creatively. 😀 Plus, it’s a wonderfully fun way to write a completely new and unique essay.

Now, let me tell you, I am here to invigorate your perspective and fuel your creativity with 31 fabulous creative essay prompts for various genres to get you writing today. So get to it and take a look now and enjoy.

Why Use Creative Essay Prompts

First, let’s explore a bit about why a writer would want to use a creative easy prompts.

Let’s say…

You’re fresh out of ideas and want to write a book, but you have no idea where to start.

I get it. One of the most challenging steps in becoming a successful writer is knowing where to start. Struggling to get your creative juices flowing can be a daunting task for writers of any age or skill level. Indeed, many student writers encounter writer’s block and personal writing doubts at some point in their academic careers.

That’s why…

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a short, creative essay, your next Amazon bestselling novel, or a short story just for fun, there is an easy way to get started. Yep…simply explore my fabulous list of creative essay prompts. (Psst…note the emphasis on creativity in this particular list of essay writing ideas!)

Take a look now and then read on to learn more about writing your very own creative essay prompts.

31 Creative Essay Prompts to Write About

Oh yeah! I hope you enjoy this list of creative essay prompts and ideas. Hopefully, these creative essay prompts will spur your creativity and spark your imagination, and, above all, may these ideas help you write a wonderfully awesome creative essay.

  1. Write a creative essay about the plot from a movie you saw just before sleeping is coming to life.
  2. A stranger gives you an ominous-looking journal. You open it to investigate and discover…
  3. A group of teenagers band together to fight an extraterrestrial threat.
  4. You stumble upon a strange house on your morning run. Upon entering, you get a text message, “Meet me outside”.
  5. You hear news of your next-door neighbor vanishing without a trace.
  6. Your social media information has been hacked and that put your loved ones in danger.
  7. You see a hooded figure at work staring at you from across the street. What do they want?
  8. The stakes are raised when you find your best friends have ulterior motives.
  9. Oddly, your parents tell you that they have no idea who you are!
  10. After receiving a mysterious box on your doorstep, you open it and find a note that says, “Caution: May Bite.”
  11. Write an essay on your plans to get to the bottom of an unsolved murder mystery from 20 years ago.
  12. Your favorite place in the city has shut down; it’s up to you to raise funds to help it reopen.
  13. You realize there is a different face staring at you from the mirror.
  14. One morning, you wake up to find out that you have been chosen to go to any planet of your choice.
  15. Write an essay on a horror story about a high schooler not making the state basketball team.
  16. A child whose only solace is his fantasy world.
    Student Creative Essay Writing
  17. You find a way to look into the future through the internet.
  18. Write an original poem about your spiritual journey.
  19. You find yourself hiding in the closet with burglars ravaging your home. Your only defense is a stack of pencils.
  20. You find your hard-to-kick habit is doing more damage than you thought.
  21. You retrace your steps to find a treasure map your younger self left behind.
  22. Two high school students write a novel, only to be transported into the world they created.
  23. Write an essay about waking up to find all prisons have been closed and the prisoners released.
  24. An introvert finds they’ve been talking to their childhood imaginary friend more and more.
  25. You go back in time with a notebook of inventions you want to take credit for when suddenly The Butterfly Effect kicks in.
  26. Write a creative essay about a science fiction tale set in a world where you can communicate with your pet.
  27. You can use a time machine to either save yourself or your best friend; which do you choose?
  28. A genie grants you three wishes, but with each comes consequences.
  29. In the year 2122, global warming has left the Earth inhabitable. It’s up to you and your robot sidekick to fix things and make them right.

Now, while there are many creative essay prompts listed in the blog post, sometimes that one perfect prompt isn’t there for some writers.

If that’s the case for you, read on to discover three simple creative essay prompt writing tips.

Creating Your Own Unique Creative Essay Prompts

As I stated previously, sometimes there is not that one perfect prompt for a writer in our list — or other lists — of creative essay prompts and writing ideas.

In this case, you may find that using one of our great creative essay prompts as a starting point can make it easier for you to think up your own unique essay topic idea list.

For this reason, I suggest you use the three simple steps to create your very own prompt outlined below.

3 Quick Tips for Writing Your Own Creative Prompts

1. Brainstorm a list of potential topics. This can be anything from personal experiences to current events.

2. Once you have a list of potential topics, narrow it down by choosing the prompt that best fits your topic.

3. If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect prompt, take a look at essay samples for inspiration.

This simple process can help you find the one amazing writing idea that works best for you. Ok, that’s all for today.

Until next time, happy writing…

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