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27 Inspiring Ideas for Creative Writing About Art

27 Ideas for Creative Writing About Art — What better way to appreciate the beauty of art than to write about it? Yes, words have the power to make any idea come alive, and creative writing about art encourages you to communicate your mood, thoughts, and feelings in a most unique way.

Creative Writing About Art


Art provides powerful and picturesque themes that help you express your imagination, boost your creativity, and make the fiction or nonfiction you create even more fascinating. And now, our inspiring list of prompts will help you write creatively about art. Oh yeah.

You see…

Writing stories, journal entires, or even essays about art can help you become more expressive as you are encouraged to find the words to make your writing as beautiful as art itself. Plus, creative writing helps you paint a picture with countless words. It can also help with self-discovery and self-awareness.


If you’re looking for inspiration for a short story — or a novel! — use these creative writing prompts about art to refine, expand, and improve your writing skills.

Oh, and be sure to use descriptive language, interesting words, and lots of colors and textures to create an equally wonderful artistic reading experience for your fans! Ok, without further ado, here are those brand new creative writing prompts about art to get you started. Enjoy!

27 Creative Writing Prompts for Describing Art

  1. What is your point of view on art? Describe the word and its meaning in your life.
  2. How would you define creative nonfiction?
  3. Write a poem on Art as a form of therapy.
  4. Look around and describe your surroundings in your writing with one focal point as the subject of a story.
  5. Write about sculpture and/or sculpting and its role in our society.
  6. Write a short story on finding beauty in imperfection.
  7. Use three adjectives to define fine arts.
  8. Write a story revolving around the 10th image saved on your phone.
  9. Write about silhouettes and the role they play in art.
  10. Write things you know about art history and distinguish it from contemporary art. 
  11. Write about your favorite childhood graphic novels.
  12. When you look at the painting The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, what comes to your mind?
  13. What is your favorite type of art and why?
    Creative Writing Prompts about Art
  14. What type of art are you good at? (It can be singing, drawing, painting, writing, dancing, etc.)
  15. How would you describe your personality as a flower?
  16. Wake up early one morning to watch the sunrise. Write about how the sky slowly changes colors and how uplifted it makes you feel.
  17. Imagine you get to spend 24 hours with your favorite artist and write a story on how you would spend that day.
  18. Pen a story that does a full circle and comes back to the beginning when it ends.
  19. Write a story around the following theme: You wake up one day and have sculpting abilities.
  20. Write about how photography is used as a medium of art.
  21. Write about your dreams and make sure to describe their imagery.
  22. Write a story based on your fantasy world— describe what it looks like and what you would do if you got a chance to live in it.
  23. Write a haiku about the favorite person in your life.
  24. Write a letter to your favorite artist explaining how you discovered their art and what made you connect to it in the first place.
  25. Pen a short story about a place you want to visit.
  26. Write about the connection between music and art.
  27. You have to sell the famous painting Mona Lisa through your writing. How would you describe it to entice people to buy it?

I hope you enjoyed these creative writing about art prompts.

91 More Art-Themed Writing Prompts

A Few Final Thoughts On Writing about Art

Just as painters use brushes and paints to express their imagination, writers use pen and paper to transform expressive ideas into reality. When you plot a story around art, you are encouraged to both explore and define the artist’s choices and techniques.

Further, you may want to explore how the piece of art by a particular artist is conveying meaning. In other words, writing about art is translating visuals into words.

Of course…

There’s no one medium of art. You can write about many things, including painting, sculpting, photography, architecture, film, drawing, poetry, and digital drawings.

We have created different types of creative writing prompts to help you use various art, craft mediums, and diverse media for your exploration of story writing, poetry, screenplays, or whatever form or genre of writing best suits your creative appetite.

Until next time, write on…

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Ideas for Creative Writing About Art

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