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33 Gender Equality Journaling Writing Prompts

In a world where even seemingly gender-neutral toys like building blocks and sports equipment are divided and sold in separate bold blue and soft pink versions, it’s increasingly difficult for parents and teachers to help kids learn about gender equality and the harms of

Kids Summer Programs Ideas

Kids Summer Programs Ideas and Resources for Parents & Teachers— Summer is a time for rest and relaxation, but there’s no reason that kids can’t also learn while doing their favorite activities. When you encourage kids to journal about their summer activities, they have

61 Prompts to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Write About Martin Luther King  Journal Prompts for students that honor Martin Luther King, Jr.— While you’re teaching your students about Martin Luther King this January, engage them further by pushing them to learn more about him, his life and his legacy. With these new

Boy Diary

Boy Diary Builds Self Esteem and Bolsters a Kid’s Confidence FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— Little Falls, MN, November 16, 2011: Today’s children are faced with numerous personal and growth issues throughout their youth and teenage years. From feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork and peer stress to

Self Esteem in Children

I want to share with you a few words of wisdom about building self-esteem in children. One of the simplest and most powerful ways to improve low self esteem and build authentic, real self-esteem in kids is to tell them exactly what it is

Diary for Boys: A Mom’s Review

Diary for Boys: A Mom’s Review— Here is what Hayley, author of the fabulous blog Hanging Off the Wire has to say about Journal Buddies for boys: I love this journal, and want one for adults! I am so excited for my boys to

Boys Journal: A Kid’s Video Review

Award-Winning Boys Journal Review by a Mom—  Videos No Longer Available, Sorry. 🙁 Recently I enjoyed the privilege of having my boys journal, Journal Buddies: A Boy’s Journal for Discovering and Sharing Excellence, reviewed by a mom and her son. What follows is the boy’s