Why Journal Writing Can Benefit Your Child

Journal Writing—

The art of writing a journal is priceless and timeless but not all people are fond of writing. Many young students find it intimidating and difficult. But there are a lot of benefits if your child ventures into journal writing.

You can encourage your child to start writing and make the experience fun. But if your child is not into journal writing, it is important that you make the activity enjoyable and joyful.  Journal WritingDo not force her to do it if she doesn’t want to. Rather, just offer her encouragement otherwise your child might think of journal writing as a chore and not as a fun activity.

One of the benefits of writing in a journal is the development of strong written communication skills. This is a stepping stone for your child’s success in the future especially during middle school and high school. I’m certain you know that strong communication skills are essential to a successful life.

Through writing, you are encouraging your child to explore the corners of his or her mind. Your child may discover a talent such as writing poetry or stories. Children have imaginative minds which they can use to write about interesting topics and insightful “stuff” from their lives.

Writing can also improve grammar and spelling. With regular practice, your child will learn the correct way to compose and construct sentences, paragraphs, and compositions. You might also want to consider encouraging your child to write creatively (starting at a young age if possible). Doing so will improve your child’s communication skills and writing abilities as well.

Another benefit of journal writing is that it improves the reading skills of your child. Journal writing also gives a sense of freedom to your child since she can write about anything that is on her mind.

The first thing that you need to do is to buy a journal for you child. You can go to a bookstore and let your child choose the one that makes her happy to see, hold and use. This will make your kid feel independent. This will also encourage your child to write since she will be attached to the journal she selected.

Before your child starts to write, make sure that you help her understand that she can write about anything under the sun and no one will read the journal. (Psst… Be true to your promise and do not read your kid’s journal!) Your child will feel betrayed if he or she finds out you didn’t honor your promise. You should also make an assurance that the journal will not be critiqued or criticized. This will make your child feel that writing is a fun activity.

Additionally, you might offer suggestions to your child about what to write or when to write or even how to write (i.e. when relaxed, upset, confused…). You could suggest places where your child can sit and write such as a special room, a sacred space or simply on the couch, without the TV on of course. Remember, do not force your child. Just offer simple, helpful and encouraging suggestions.

With journal writing, you can help your child expand her mind and understand that writing is not a difficult task. Indeed, writing can be a fun and relaxing activity. Just make sure your child understands that journal keeping is a mind- and creativity-freeing activity in which she can openly record on paper (or in an online journal) thoughts, emotions, and experiences from her life.

Until next time, journal on!


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