What is Creative Writing?

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What is Creative Writing?

Every written material was made creatively as the writer scouts for words she must use, puts her thoughts into order and thinks of ways to appeal to the senses of the readers. On the other hand, creative writing is actually about writing poems, lyrics, songs, short stories, novel, drama, fiction and non-fiction.

Creative writing is a subject that high school and college students go through. There are also vocational schools and special courses in this field. This involves reading different materials written by old and contemporary writers and typically involves not only reading but also a lot of writing (creatively of course!).What is Creative Writing

In college, people take up creative writing as part of a curriculum in Fine Arts or English Literature. Coursework in this field often includes the study of poetry, short stories, novels and plays. There are also graduate and post-graduate degrees in creative writing, as well as specialty courses such as scriptwriting.

There are many creative writers who actually have different professions. There are lawyers who turned into famous novelists today such as David Baldacci and John Grisham. There are authors whose works turned into movie hits but are actually students of a foreign language such as J.K. Rowling who took up studies in French. This means you do not have to have a degree in creative writing in order to be able to write creatively. This is a talent that can be harnessed and a skill that can be learned.

Nevertheless, there are those who take workshops or special courses that address more deeply the question, “What is Creative Writing” and that help them to harness their creative writing skills. Community colleges offer these types of classes, as do many community education courses. There are also online creative writing courses on the internet. Creative writing skills may also be learned at home through constant practice. One just has to have an idea and then expound this idea into something more detailed.

What is Creative Writing Summary & Tips

Creative writers have refined their skill through the years. They first had to undergo a lot of practice before they could master the craft. To be a creative writer, one must have good writing skills. She must know the rules of grammar and have an extensive vocabulary — with plenty of words, thought may be formed clearly.

Creative writing requires patience, love for the art, and determination. A writer must be constantly inspired in order to write creatively. She might choose to have a writing prompt in front of her in order to let the creative juices pour in.

A writing prompt can be a single word, phrase, sentence or paragraph. With a creative writing prompt, the mind can start formulating ideas based on it. Writing prompts can be found anywhere from newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet, inside the house, outside of the house, a bar, restaurant or the beach. A word such as ice cream can be a prompt and could be developed creatively into a story about how a child found his real parents.

If someone asks you “what is creative writing?” you just need to say that it is dynamic, creative, and personal writing based on one’s true self and unique form of self-expression. That’s cool, isn’t it? 🙂

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