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52 Simple, Easy Writing Prompts to Inspire

Simple, Easy Writing Prompts and Topics — It’s never too early to help kids develop the healthy skill of daily reflective writing — and elementary school is the perfect time to begin the habit. 

Easy Writing Topics for Elementary


Use these easy writing prompts with your elementary school students and watch to see all the exciting new ways their minds will blossom!

You see…

See and Discover Fun, Easy, Simple Journal Prompts

Regular journal writing is a wonderful practice with life-long benefits for kids who start young.  Plus…

Journaling improves reasoning and deductive skills, promotes reflective and careful thought, and empowers students to believe that their thoughts, feelings, and ideas matter. 

Oh yeah! Journaling is an inclusive activity that is fun for kids and that also packs a huge punch in terms of educational and developmental benefits.


Journal Writing Prompts Help Encourage Good Writing

To help your students get the most from this excellent exercise, we’ve developed a set of 52 easy writing prompts for elementary school students. 

Although I must say, these simple writing prompts may be used with middle school, and perhaps even some high school student, as well.

These creative writing starters cover a range of fun and simple topics so that young writers can begin writing quickly and learn how to express their thoughts on the page without barriers. 

From dreams to special memories and from friendship to classroom challenges, kids will have plenty of familiar territory to explore as they become accustomed to the practice of daily writing.

Ok, let’s get to that easy writing prompts list. Enjoy!

52 Simple, Easy, and Fun Writing Prompts for Elementary School Students

Your writers are sure to enjoy these excellent creative writing prompts and simple story ideas.

  1. What is your favorite toy? What makes it so special?
  2. Have you ever been tempted to cheat on a test or homework assignment? Why or why not?
  3. What is the best way to show someone how much you care about them?
  4. What would be your most important rule if you were a parent?
  5. Would you rather spend a day out doing things and going places or playing alone at home? Why?
  6. Write about a time when you won something. How did you feel?
  7. What was the most life-like dream you ever had? Describe it in detail.
  8. Do you or your parents choose your clothes? Are you happy with that arrangement?  Why or why not?
  9. What is your favorite part of each week? Why?
  10. Who is your hero? What do you admire about him or her?
  11. Choose a quality that you like about yourself and describe why it makes you proud.
  12. What is the best part of being in _____ grade?
  13. If you could invent something to make your parents’ lives easier, what would you create? How would it work?
  14. Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?
  15. Who was your first friend? Write about what the two of you liked to do together and whether or not you still see each other.
  16. Do you ever get jealous of your friends? What makes you feel jealous?  How can you prevent jealousy?
  17. What is the hardest part of coming back to school after summer vacation?
  18. What is your least favorite punishment? Why do you dislike it so much?
  19. Make a list of 15 things you love, then choose one and write about why you love it.
  20. Do you think you would be a good babysitter? Why or why not?
  21. What is your #1 goal in life? Why is it important to you?
  22. Do you enjoy helping other people? Why or why not?
  23. Write about a time when you didn’t get something that you really wanted.
  24. Who is your favorite book character? What do you admire about him or her?
  25. Write about a time when you got in trouble for something you didn’t do.
  26. What is your favorite food? Do you ever get tired of it?  Why or why not?
  27. Write about a time when you did something new for the first time without your parents’ help. How did you feel?
  28. Imagine your dream house and describe it in as much detail as possible.
  29. What is the coolest thing you ever did? Write about your experience.
  30. What do you like to do to feel better when you are sad?
  31. Write about a time when you were embarrassed. Explain how you handled the situation.
  32. Would you ever want to live somewhere else when you get older? Why or why not?
  33. Do you think you’re a good listener? Why or why not?
  34. Do you feel like other people listen to you? How do you feel when they do?
  35. Are you absent-minded or good with small details? How does that affect your life?
  36. Write about a special memory that always makes you laugh.
    Easy Writing Ideas for Students
  37. What is the most interesting thing about your parents?
  38. What is your favorite or most commonly used word or phrase? What do you like about it?
  39. What is the biggest thing you’ve ever been responsible for? How did you handle it?
  40. What is the most important thing in your life? Why does it matter to you?
  41. Where do you feel most at home? Why?
  42. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? What impact did it have on you?
  43. What is your favorite part of going to school here at __________? What sets our school apart from other schools?
  44. Do you enjoy spending time outside? Why or why not?
  45. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Why was it so special to you?
  46. Would you rather be too hot all the time or too cold all the time? Why?
  47. What is something you enjoy that most other people don’t like? What kind of enjoyment do you get from it?
  48. What do you think it would be like to live in space? Do you think humans ever will live somewhere besides Earth?
  49. What superpower would be the coolest to have? How would you use it?
  50. What movie can you watch again and again without getting tired of it? What do you love most about it?
  51. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? Why was it so challenging?
  52. If you could either instantly understand everyone you meet or have everyone else instantly understand you, which would you choose? Why?

I hope you and your writers found inspiration and creativity in this list of writing ideas. Whether you have your students use them for free writing, journal reflection, or for a writing assignment, just make sure to encourage them to engage their imaginations.

Oh yeah, perhaps you want to choose a different theme for your class or simply want to explore even more great writing topics. We’ve got you covered!

Now check out yet…

Another Easy Writing Idea: The Favorites List

For those reluctant writers or non-writers, we suggest you use the time-tested favorite writing prompts. They are simple ideas that nearly every writer can answer without much effort.

Plus, they are an excellent way to get those creative juices flowing for writers of all skill levels.
Have students write about their:

  • Favorite foods
  • Favorite place
  • Favorite book
  • Favorite toy
  • Favorite season
  • Favorite movie
  • Favorite animal
  • Favorite hobby

You could even turn this list on its head and have your students write about their least favorite instead. The bottom line is there is no reason for any writers to face writer’s block with this many easy, fun, and simple ideas to write about.

Ok, that’s all for today. Until next time, write on…

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Easy Writing Prompts for For Elementary School Students
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