19 Writing Ideas about Food

Writing Prompts for Kids about Food—

Food! Who does not like to talk about their favorite or their not-so-favorite food? We know kids will find some great inspiration with these 19 new writing ideas about food. Writing prompts can help to make creative writing more fun and enjoyable for children, but these food-themed writing ideas may make them hungry to boot!19 Writing Ideas about Food for Kids

Encourage your child to use the writing ideas outlined below to write a story, a poem or a journal entry. Ask your writer to describe in great detail how the food they are writing about looks, smells, tastes (good or bad), feels (soft, hard) and sounds (sound of cubes in a glass or fizzy sounds of a drink).

With American Thanksgiving memories still fresh in mind and Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to get kids thinking and writing about FOOD! So without further ado, here are some new ideas to write about just for kids.

19 Writing Prompts for Kids about Food

Food is an interesting topic and one that may just encourage and motivate kids to write some amazing new stories or journal entries.

  1. Write about your favorite food. What is it?  Where do you eat it? What makes it your favorite?
  2. Describe the kind(s) of food you can cook — or food you enjoy cooking with your parents. Describe the way it is prepared and if your family members enjoy it.
  3. Write about fruits. The yummy and colorful fruits that you like or even about the ones you dislike and why.Writing Ideas about Food
  4. Invent your very own unique recipe.
  5. What is your favorite sandwich?  Explain how to make it starting from the bottom to the top layer.
  6. Describe the worst meal you ever had in your life and try to include as many details as you can straight through to your last bite.
  7. Talk about one of the most memorable meals you shared with your family (or relatives and or friends). Describe in detail where it was and what made that meal so enjoyable.
  8. Write about your favorite restaurant and what exactly it is about it that makes it your favorite.
  9. What are your very favorite and your least favorite fruit and vegetable? Why?
  10. Imagine and write about: What if the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” became real?
  11. Write all about your favorite dish that your mom or dad cooks. What ingredients are in it and what makes it your favorite?
  12. Describe a trip to the supermarket. What kind of food do you find there? What would you buy? How much would you buy and why?
  13. Get creative and plan a menu for your imaginary restaurant.
  14. Do you love sweets? Which are your favorite desserts? Why?
  15. Do you have any food-related family traditions? What are they and what makes them special to you and your family?
  16. If you had to eat one food forever what food would you choose and why?
  17. You are making popsicles today… Which flavor(s) will you make? Who will you share them with and why?
  18. Write a story with a potato as the superhero.
  19. Ice-cream: chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? Soft serve or hard ice cream? Describe your ice cream choices in vivid detail.

Until next time, write on…

19 Writing Ideas about Food