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29 Wonderful Daily Journal Prompts

Yeppers! Using daily journal prompts is a wonderful way to enhance your journaling and writing practices. Moreover, daily writing is a great way to help kids ramp up their writing skills and take them to the next level.

Daily Journal Writing Topics


Journal keeping is also a wonderful way to express your deepest thoughts and feelings and daily prompts can help you to dig deeper into your mind and write about ideas you hadn’t thought of on your own.

And of course, daily journal prompts can be very helpful.


A Few Words About Journaling

Some writers keep all of their writings private although sharing one’s writings with others can be quite helpful if doing so works for you.

Of course, all writers can experience writer’s block at times. If this problem arises for you, it is wise to use prompts as a way to help jump-start your writing (be it in a journal or elsewhere).

If you are not sure of what to write, perhaps daily writing prompts can help get you unblocked.

Further, you can use daily journal prompts to overcome a block or to write about a new and exciting topic you hadn’t thought of pursuing.

Just be sure to do whatever you need to write on a regular if not a daily basis.Ā  There are so many wonderful benefits to doing so and to maintaining a regular writing practice.

29 Daily Journal Prompts For You!

Take a look at this list of brand fabulous daily journal prompts for writing listed below. I hope you’ll love these ideas to write about as much as I do!

  1. Write about your earliest memory. Why do you feel this memory has stuck with you for all of these years?
  2. Outline three things that you are most grateful for today, and explain why.
  3. Think about how you can use self-care to improve your outlook on life. Write about several self-care techniques that may be beneficial for you.
  4. Describe your first friend. What qualities did they have? Are you still friends with them today? Do you still seek friends with the same qualities?
  5. Consider the community that you are a part of. Write about how you contribute to that community, and why it’s important to you to be a part of it.
  6. Write about the next vacation that you have planned or the next trip you would like to take. Where do you want to go? Why do you want to visit that destination?
  7. Describe your culture and the influence it has had on your life. Do you share your culture and traditions with those around you?
  8. Look at the photograph that is nearest to you. What was happening in that moment? How did you feel? Why did you choose to display that photograph?
  9. Imagine that you have been forced to give up one piece of technology that you use on a daily basis. Which device would you ditch? Do you think it would improve your lifestyle or have a negative impact on your way of life?
  10. What qualities do you think you inherited from your parents? How do you feel that these qualities impacted your path forward in life?
  11. If you could switch careers right now, would you? What path would you take? Why?
  12. Think about the last conversation that you overheard. What did you infer from the conversation? What do you think happened after you were out of earshot?
  13. Who do you feel was the most influential historical figure? Why do you feel that way?
  14. Who is the author of your favorite book? What do you know about that author? How has their writing influenced your life?
  15. Keep a daily food log, and write about how your dietary choices and dietary needs impact your lifestyle.Daily Writing Journal Prompts
  16. Write down one success and one failure from the day, and take some time to reflect.
  17. Take 15 minutes and create a stream-of-consciousness piece. See where your mind leads you when your pen hits the paper.
  18. Write about your most significant memory while traveling. Why does this memory stick out to you?
  19. Write a personal journal entry as if it were a blog post. Do you write differently when you think you have an audience? Reflect on this.
  20. Compose a letter to someone that you may not have seen in a while. The person could be living or deceased.
  21. Write about what you thought about during your morning commute today. Why is this on your mind right now?
  22. Consider the latest novel that you read. How did you relate to the main character? Did you learn anything from the story?
  23. Describe the piece of furniture in your home that means the most to you. How did you acquire this piece? Why is it so significant to you?
  24. If you could go back and change one decision that you made in life, which choice would you change? How do you think that would impact your life today?
  25. Describe your garden. What do you grow in the garden? Why do you choose to grow those plants?
  26. What in your life right now feels most like a chore to you? Write about how you can make that activity or responsibility more enjoyable.
  27. Create a character right now. Describe them in detail, and explain their current struggle.
  28. Write a journal entry from the perspective of your neighbor or another community member. Take a moment to consider life in their shoes.
  29. Write about a cause you are passionate about. Persuade others through your writing to support your cause.

Hooray for wonderful lists of daily journal prompts.Ā  Now, read on to discover even more useful resources to inspire your journaling keeping.

Daily Journal Prompts – More Online Resources

Ignite your imagination and infuse your writing by exploring the many daily writing prompt resource available to you here and elsewhere online. Most of them are free, and with just a little bit of time and research, you will soon discover your favorite daily writing prompt resources that you’ll go to day after day after day to keep your journal writing on track.

Oh, and be sure that you do not turn your daily writing into a task or a chore because that is a killjoy, and we all know that when something becomes a killjoy we avoid it like the plague!! So….be willing to change and adjust your journaling to keep it fresh and exciting, or to do the same for your students if you are a teacher.

Hopefully you found these writing resources helpful. šŸ™‚ But, if after playing with these writing prompt resources, you are still struggling with writer’s block, then I have a resource for you. Check out this wonderful article entitled How to Overcome Writer’s Block Once and For All: My Surprising Solution. I think you’ll find it helpful.

Whether you decide to write in a printed and bound journal and keep your writing private or create a public, online journal, it is your choice. However you go about it… just get to writing on a daily basis.  You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Another good idea for daily writing prompts is to keep several favorite books of quotations close at hand. Write in response to a quote. You may find out how, on a subconscious level, you REALLY feel about some things!

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