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Weird Writing Prompts

When someone claims that something is weird, it’s usually said with a negative connotation. A child is quick to say that a dinner looks weird when they do not want to try it. An adult might say that another person is acting weird when they are displaying behavior that is outside of social norms. 

Weird Writing Prompts for Kids

But being weird doesn’t have to be a bad thing. By definition, weird means that something is strange, mysterious or different. Children of all ages are quick to notice that people are different, but it’s adults that help them realize that differences are good. When students have access to a diverse range of people with various thoughts, backgrounds and ideas, they develop a world view that is well-rounded and inclusive.

In order to get kids of all ages comfortable with something being weird, or different, you can encourage them to write their own weird tales. Weird writing prompts will help kids stretch their imaginations and push their creative boundaries.

Use these weird writing prompts to encourage your students to have fun with their writing while simultaneously developing an open mind and a broader perspective.

Weird Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. Think about your favorite fairytale and take note of its classic ending. Now, rewrite that story with your own modern twist.
  2. Write a story about a day in the life of your favorite stuffed animal. Your story should be written from the stuffed animal’s perspective.
  3. Imagine that you are a vegetable growing in the garden. Write about what it might feel like to live and grow in the dirt, and to be plucked from your roots.
  4. You wake up one morning and discover that you can read your parents’ minds. What sorts of information do you discover? 
  5. Write a persuasive journal entry promoting your house as a vacation destination. What would travelers like to do at your house that they couldn’t do at their own house? 
  6. What is the strangest occupation that you have heard of? Would you like to experience a day working in that role? 
  7. The word weird is kind of weird itself. What does the word mean to you? 
  8. Have you ever felt strange, different or out of place? What does it feel like to feel weird?
  9. Make up your own word right now, and write its definition. Don’t forget to use your word in an actual sentence!
  10. It is often said that you don’t know what life is like for someone else until you have spent a day in their shoes. Imagine that you literally walked around in your teacher’s shoes. What type of shoes are they? Are they comfortable? What is life like from their perspective?
  11. Write a fictional story about a character who walks through a door and enters another dimension. What do they experience? Do they get back to their homeland? 
  12. Write a journal entry about your favorite scent. Describe it in detail and talk about what that scent means to you.
  13. Sometimes people remember very small and seemingly insignificant details about their lives. What is one of the memories that you have that doesn’t seem to matter? Why do you think you remember this moment?
  14. Put your favorite song on and start writing. Don’t focus on creating a plot or making coherent thoughts, just write what comes into your mind as the song plays through.
  15. What is one of the weirdest things about you? Why do you think it’s weird?
    Kids Weird Writing Prompts and Ideas
  16. Sometimes people put surprising toppings on their pizza. What is the most unusual topping that you enjoy on pizza?
  17. Write a poem about an alien robot.
  18. Every family is unique in their own way. Write about one way that your family is different from others.
  19. Imagine that you are a character in a video game. What is it like to live in a digital world? 
  20. Write about a time where you dared to do something different. What did it feel like to go against the expectations of others? 
  21. Write a song about your favorite food.
  22. It’s Friday the 13th, and everyone is acting a bit different. Describe your day at school on this superstitious date. 
  23. In a strange turn of events, your parents put you in charge. What three rules would you implement in your house?
  24. Everyone has a weird idiosyncrasy about themselves. What is yours? 
  25. Think about one of the weirdest food combinations that you enjoy. Write a persuasive journal entry convincing others to try it. 
  26. Write about a unique vacation destination that other people may not be aware of.
  27. You are given the opportunity to put on an invisibility cloak and stay invisible. Would you wear it? Where would you wear it to?
  28. What is something interesting about you that no one else knows? 
  29. You have been given the choice to find out what the future holds. Would you find out? Or do you keep it a mystery? 
  30. Describe the most mysterious experience that you have ever had.

More Writing Ideas

By using weird writing prompts in your classroom or inside your home, you can encourage kids to explore ideas that are different, funny, or downright strange. Kids often have a lot of fun with these writing prompts because they are unexpected and unique. You will find that they try out various writing techniques and explore new ideas when they are presented with a prompt that is out of the ordinary.

It’s important that kids understand that these weird writing prompts are only the beginning. No matter what idea comes into their head, they should always keep on writing!

Until next time, write on…

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Weird Writing Ideas for Students

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