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32 Exciting Journaling Ideas to Get Kids Writing!

Easy and Fun Prompts for Kids Who Don’t Like Writing — Journal writing is an amazing practice for any class to use to develop their creativity. It can be tough to change kids’ perspectives if they aren’t interested, though.

Journal Prompt Roundup for Kids

Of course…

Journal Buddies is all about making fun, creative writing prompts and story starters that anyone will love!

But – this blog post is dedicated to the kids who just won’t participate.

That’s why below we share with you a few samples of some of our favorite posts that will hopefully help the least interested kids fill their notebooks and maybe even enjoy their daily journal.

7 Creative Writing Prompts about Food

Everybody eats and everyone has opinions and childhood stories surrounding the food that they eat. This list of journaling ideas is an effective way to help your most challenging students escape their anxiety about the blank page.

  1. Write about your favorite restaurant and what exactly it is about it that makes it your favorite.
  2. Imagine and write about: What if the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” became real?
  3. Get creative and plan a menu for your imaginary restaurant.
  4. Do you have any food-related family traditions? What are they and what makes them special to you and your family?
  5. If you had to eat one food forever, what food would you choose and why?
  6. Write a story with a potato as the superhero.
  7. Ice-cream: chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla? Soft serve or hard ice cream? Describe your ice cream choices in vivid detail. (Here you’ll discover 50 Ice Cream Writing Ideas!)

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9 Writing About Sports

Sometimes, kids who see themselves as athletes can be resistant to creative pursuits. Integrating their interests as a writing topic can boost their mood and make writing more enjoyable for them – and easier for you!

  1. Write about your favorite sports player. Why are they your favorite? What makes them stand out to you?
  2. Create a story about a sports event, writing it as if you’re a sports announcer.
  3. Name three of your favorite sports. Why do you watch them or play them?
  4. What does being a part of a team mean to you?
  5. If you could play for any team in any sport, which team would you play for? Why?
  6. Write about a friend you’ve made while being involved in athletics.
  7. If you could create your dream football, baseball, or basketball team, what players would you choose for your ‘dream team.’
  8. Imagine that someone had never heard of your favorite sport. How would you describe it to them?
  9. What if you found a piece of sports equipment that helped you play better. Write about what would happen.

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Journal Prompts for Kids

8 Opinion Writing Prompts

Some kids have trouble keeping their negative emotions and opinions about writing to themselves and it leads to bad habits in the classroom. For an opinionated kid, give them some opportunities to write about their opinions and discuss their journal prompts in small “debates” in your classroom. 

You could even use their struggles as inspiration– have them write about why they don’t want to write and reasons why writing is boring! Who knows, it might even lead to some self-awareness and clarity about their roadblocks.

  1. What is your opinion on homework? Is it helpful or not?
  2. Teachers grade their students, but should students have the opportunity to grade their teachers? Why or why not?
  3. Should video games be recognized as a sport?
  4. Do you think students should still learn cursive writing? Why not, or why?
  5. Should everyone receive a participation award in sports or should there still be winners and losers?
  6. What, in your opinion, is the ultimate dessert? What makes it stand out?
  7. Should school be in session all year long? Why or why not?
  8. Do you believe aliens exist? Why or why not?

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8 Mystery Writing Prompts

Sometimes a new genre can get your students’ gears turning! Try using these mysterious prompts to get their pens moving during your writing lessons.

  1. Three teenagers are exploring an old house in town and they discover a secret door that leads to an underground tunnel.
  2. All of the teachers said to avoid the hallway in the back of the school. It had been roped off for years. But we simply couldn’t resist checking it out.
  3. Two scientists were working together in a laboratory. Everything seemed to be going according to plan until their ingredients created something completely unexpected.
  4. Your best friend comes up to you and tells you they have something important to share with you. It’s a secret that will change both of your lives.
  5. The most valuable painting at the local museum has been stolen. You are pretty sure you know who did it but now you have to decide whether to share that information with the local law enforcement.
  6. You check the mail one day and find a greeting card inside the mailbox. All it says on the inside is, “You are just the person we need”.
  7. You receive an invitation to a magnificent ball, unlike anything the town has ever seen. When you show up dressed in your best, you realize you are the only person there.
  8. The same crime keeps taking place — in different locations around the world. You have to figure out the connections between them all.

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A Few Closing Words…

Hopefully these journaling ideas and writing prompts will help you get every kid involved and excited, so you can put your worries aside! If you’d like some extra help, check out our Writing for Fun Tips to help them get past their writer’s block.

Until next time, write on…

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