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The Journal Buddies Writing prompts by grade collections offer you thousands of FREE writing prompts to use with your student writers.

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Journal Buddies ALL grades writing prompt collections. Oh yeah!

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Fun Questions to Ask Students

Fun Questions to Ask Students To Make Them Laugh and Help Them…

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Affirmations for Journaling

Affirmations for Journaling: Write Your Way to a Better You— Intentional and…

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Snowman Writing Prompts

Get Ready for a Snowman Writing Extravaganza with these 18 Snowman Prompts…

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Art Writing Prompts

Art Writing Prompts and Journal Prompt Ideas about The Arts — It’s…

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Middle School Argumentative Essay Ideas

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School Students. Bonus! Many of these ideas…

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Kids Ideas for Writing About Themselves

Writing Prompts About Yourself plus two bonus prompt lists on What to Write…

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Sunday Journal Prompts

Enjoy These Two Lists for You with 48 of the Best Sunday Journal…

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Third Grade Creative Writing Ideas and Prompts

Fun and Fabulous Writing Topics for Grade 3 Students— When kids write,…

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Short Story Topics for Middle School Writers

Short Story Ideas for Middle School: 30 Good Ideas— Many students find…

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Mindset Journal Prompts

61 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts to Transform Your Life — Mindset journal…

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Writing Topics for All Ages

30 Topics for Writing + 56 Bonus Topic Ideas to Write About…

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Kids New Year's Writing Activities

Start January off on the right foot with your students with these…

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Monday Journal Prompts

Magnificent Monday Journal Prompts to Get Students Excited for The Week Ahead—  In…

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Weekly Journal Prompts

Inspiring Weekly Journal Prompts to Supercharge Your Life— Do you want to…

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Elementary Winter Writing Ideas

Hooray for winter journal prompts. Yes! Now, when you use these prompt…

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Kids Elf on the Shelf Story Prompts

The holiday season is fast approaching and children will be getting into…

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Kids Journaling Challenge

Journal Challenge Ideas make for fun and engaging journaling challenges— Journaling is…

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Mental Health Journal Prompts

Mental Health Journal Prompts to Promote Personal Health and Wellness — Journaling for…

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Journal Prompts about World Holidays

Holidays Around the World Journal Prompts for Students: (Part 2/2)— When students…

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Topics about Life

Looking for some fun topics about life for your next piece of…

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Themes for Journal Types

Journaling Themes to Inspire Your Journal Keeping— What do you think of…

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Grade 5 Free Writing Printables

Yes! Printable 5th grade writing prompts pdf free download includes 72 ideas…

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Journals Topics for Self Discovery

Self Discovery Journal Prompts to Help Young Students Get to Know Themselves—…

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Imagery in Creative Writing

Sensory Mastery: The Power of Imagery in Creative Writing for Students— When…

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Expressive Writing Prompts and Tips for Kids

Expressive Writing Tips and Prompts for Young Writers — Expressive writing is a specific technique…

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Kids Exciting & Innovative Writing Topics and Journal Prompts

Exciting Writing Prompts for 9, 10, 11, and 12 Year Olds— If…

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Character Arc Ideas

22 Character Arc Ideas to Bring Fictional Characters to Life — Spark…

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Creative Writing Ideas for Kids

List of Creative Writing Ideas to Inspire You— The purpose of any creative…

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Journal Ideas and Printable Writing Prompts for 3rd Grade

Welcome to journalbuddies.com. Here you’ll find an excellent and free 3rd Grade…

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Writing Prompts and Journal Ideas for Grade 9

32 Writing Prompts for 9th Grade: First Year of High School Journaling…

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What Happens Next Prompts

Unleash Your Writers’ Creativity with These ‘What Happens Next’ Prompts— Oh yeah. What…

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High School Writing Prompts and Journal Ideas

Use this List of Great Writing Prompts in Your High School Classroom…

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Boredeom Busting Writing Prompts

Are you looking for some things to write when bored? If you’re…

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Story Ideas to Help You Find That Perfect Tone of Voice

Finding your authentic writer’s voice can be a challenge. But doing so…

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Introduction Sentence Starters

Introduction Sentence Starters That Will Grab Reader’s Attention Listed by Grade Level—…

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Journal Activity

Journal Activity Ideas for Students (Elementary, Middle School and High School age)—-…

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How to Start a Story

How to Start a Story That Hooks Your Readers’ Attention + 25…

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Journal Prompt Ideas

This list of innovative and inspiring journal prompt ideas and writing topics…

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Grade 4 Writing Worksheets and Journal Ideas

You asked; we listened. Printable 4th grade writing prompts pdf downloads and…

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Essay Prompts for College

The college application process can be stressful and writing an essay is…

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World Teacher's Day

World Teacher’s Day Writing Prompts — Help celebrate World Teacher’s Day this…

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Halloween Writing Ideas for Kids

Halloween Story Ideas and Writing Prompts— Halloween is a highly imaginative and…

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Grade 2 Writing Prompts and Free Printable Journal Page

You asked; we listened. Printable 2nd grade writing prompts pdf download and…

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Bullying Awareness Writing Prompts

Bullying Writing Prompts & Resources— Though most kids have been teased or…

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2nd Grade Creative Writing Ideas

Creative Writing Topics for Grade 2 Students— Enjoy and use this excellent…

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Spooktacular Halloween Writing Prompts

Halloween Writing Ideas for Elementary Kids and Students of All Ages— Elementary…

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Time Journaling

You can create positive changes in your life by dedicating a few…

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High School Persuasive Essay Prompts

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School– Not only will you find some…

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Super Creative Writing Topics

In August of 2022, this blog post went from 61 creative writing…

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Writing About Sports Ideas for Kids

Writing About Sports Journaling Ideas— Not all kids are huge sports fans….

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