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The Journal Buddies Writing prompts by grade collections offer you thousands of FREE writing prompts to use with your student writers.

Please share them with your kids, students, colleagues, friend, family… and on social media. I appreciate it!

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Journal Buddies ALL grades writing prompt collections. Oh yeah!

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Topics for Writing Essays

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Writing Idea Generator

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Reflective Journal Prompts

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Journal Topics for College Students

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All Ages Writing Questions

Writing Questions for Kids, Tweens/Teens, and Adults — Writing is a wonderful…

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Questions to Get to Know Someone

Questions to Get to Know Someone + TWO Bonus Lists Journaling Prompts—…

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National Ice Cream Month Journal Writing Promtps for Students

Ice Cream Writing 50 Ice Cream-Themed Prompts Inspired by National Ice Cream…

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July 4th Journal Writing Prompts for Kids

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Shared Journal Ideas for Kids and Parents

Shared Journal Writing Prompts & Ideas— Though parents often intend to spend…

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First Day of Summer Journal Writing Prompts for Kids

Hooray for Summer Journaling Ideas about the first day of summer. Oh…

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Kids Basic Writing Skills

Basic Writing Skills for Kids + BONUS 15 Fun Writing Prompts to…

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Villain Writing Prompts & Fiction Ideas

Every great story needs a hero, but a hero needs a great…

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Diary Writing Ideas for Students

Discover wonderful diary writing ideas here— Encourage kids to enjoy and write…

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