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Journal Buddies 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade writing prompts collection

The Journal Buddies Writing prompts by grade collections offer you thousands of FREE writing prompts to use with your student writers.

Please share them with your kids, students, colleagues, friend, family… and on social media. I appreciate it!

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Journal Buddies ALL grades writing prompt collections. Oh yeah!

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Spring Writing Prompts

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Creative Writing Practice Ideas and Prompts

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Writing Prompts to Write for Fun

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Writing Prompts to Help Develop Writing Skills

How to develop writing skills in students (15 Prompts and 5 Tips)…

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Writing Topics to Get Kids Writing on a Regular Basis

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Writing Prompts to Promote Good Study Habits

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Kids Activities for St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids Plus 13 Bonus Writing Prompts —…

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Lack of Self-Esteem Info & Resouces

When a person suffers from a lack of self-esteem, they will see the…

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Question of the Day Writing Ideas

Journal question of the day— Regardless of how much writing students are…

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Creative Journaling Ideas for Kids

Creative Journal Ideas to help make journaling a✨blast✨— To get and keep…

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Kids Writing Ideas for Presidents' Day

53 Presidents’ Day Writing Ideas for Kids— Presidents’ Day is the time…

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Journal Prompts to Reduce Bullying

Bullying Statistics: Reduce Bullying Through Journaling Bullying has received a lot of…

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Kids Creative Writing Prompts and Journal Ideas

Writing Prompts for Kids and Lots of Ideas for You, PLUS Bonus…

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Beginner's Guide to Journaling

Whether you’re a teacher preparing to introduce journaling in your classroom or…

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Black History Month Writing Topics for Students

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Creative Writing Prompts and Starters for Kids

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Short Story Writing Topics for Every Age

Looking for a new way to add a little fun to creative…

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Kids Writing Tips and Prompts

Write Your Own Story Tips + 12 Bonus Prompts — Writing stories…

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Stress Relief Journal Prompts

Journaling for Stress + Bonus Prompts | Students of all ages experience varying…

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Journaling Benefits

The Benefits of Journaling for Young Writers— The art of writing a…

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Journaling for Self Love

Self Love Challenge Overview & Journal Prompts for High School Students Many…

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Mystery Writing Ideas

Great Mystery Writing Prompts— Oh yeah, Mystery writing is a fabulous genre…

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Grades 5-9 Story Writing Prompts

Story Writing Topics—For many students, writing stories is an immensely formative and…

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Journals Topics for Self Discovery

Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery Help Young Students Get to Know Themselves If…

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Creative Writing Tips and Prompts

Tips on Creative Writing + 15 Prompt Ideas Hello and welcome. If…

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Creative Writing Ideas and Tips for Kids

Creative Writing Tips + 12 Bonus Writing Prompts for Student Writers —…

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Kids Storytelling Writing Ideas

Power of Storytelling Prompts & Information on how to use it as…

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Writing Prompts about Physical Education

Physical Education Writing Prompts for Students — Exercise isn’t just for people…

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High School Persuasive Essay Prompts

Persuasive Essay Prompts + Writing Key Benefits, Steps & Instructions for High…

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Elementary School Creative Writing Tasks

Creative Writing Tasks & 24 Bonus FREE Printable Writing Prompts for Kids—…

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Facts about Kids Self-Esteem

Self Esteem Facts You Need to Know + 10 Bonus Self-esteem Writing…

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Halloween Writing Ideas for Kids

Halloween Story Ideas and Writing Prompts— Halloween is a highly imaginative and…

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Themes for Journal Types

Journaling Themes to Inspire Your Journal Keeping— What do you think of…

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Kids Basic Writing Skills

Basic Writing Skills for Kids + BONUS 15 Fun Writing Prompts to…

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Bullying Writing Prompts and Facts

The act of bullying is one that every adult and child needs…

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Bullying Awareness Writing Prompts

Bullying Writing Prompts & Resources— Though most kids have been teased or…

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Technical Writing Topics for High School Students

What is Technical Writing, Tips, and Prompts for Students— Technical writing might…

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Ideas for Music Journaling

Discover 20 Music Journal Ideas for Young Writers— Music plays a pivotal…

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Shared Journaling Prompts for Kids

Interested in getting your students to talk about their journal writing with…

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Writing About Sports Ideas for Kids

Writing About Sports Journaling Ideas— Not all kids are huge sports fans….

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Writing Ideas Prompts for 4th Graders

Whether you’re looking for a new way to keep your 4th-grade kids…

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Creative Writing Ideas for Students

As a teacher, parent, or educator, you’ve probably heard about the importance…

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Beginning Songwriting Ideas

Songwriting Ideas for Beginners— Ignite more imagination and creativity than you ever…

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Narrative Essay Topics for Students

If you are looking for great narrative essay prompt ideas for students,…

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Short Story Writing for Kids

3 Tips on Writing Short Stories + 26 BONUS Prompts— Writing short stories…

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Grade 4 Expository Writing Ideas

New Expository Writing Prompts That Help 4th Graders Prepare for Middle School— Use…

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