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The Journal Buddies Writing prompts by grade collections offer you thousands of FREE writing prompts to use with your student writers.

Please share them with your kids, students, colleagues, friend, family… and on social media. I appreciate it!

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Journal Buddies ALL grades writing prompt collections. Oh yeah!

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Activites to Help Prevent Bullying in Schools

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Story Prompts for All Ages

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Story Writing Prompts

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Story Ideas to Help You Find That Perfect Tone of Voice

Finding your authentic writer’s voice can be a challenge. But doing so…

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Self Esteem Boosting Journal Ideas for Kids

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Writing Prompts to Learn to Journal

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Excellent Essay Topics for 6th Grade

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Kids Ideas for Writing About Themselves

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Essay Writing Prompts for High School

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Fun Journal Writing Ideas for Kids

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Exciting Journal Prompts for Kids

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Opinion Writing Promtps for Students in 5th Grade

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Expressive Writing Prompts and Tips for Kids

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Procedural Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

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Writing Worksheet Printables for Grade 6

You asked and we listened. Printable 6th grade writing worksheets are here….

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Journal Activities and Prompts for Students

Journal Activity Ideas—- Keeping a classroom journal can be more than just…

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Suspenseful Topics for Story Writing

Suspense Story Ideas & Writing a Suspense Story Rules to Write By—…

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Sci-Fi Themed Writing Ideas for Students

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Writing Ideas for 5th Grade Students

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Ways to Improve Writing Skills

For the love and joy of good writing, we offer you these…

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Drawing Journal Prompts for Students

Drawing Journal Ideas— Offering you an inspiring series of fifteen drawing journal ideas to help your…

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Halloween Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

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Kids Journal Prompts for Goals and Dreams

In this article, you’ll discover 14 kids journaling prompt ideas and learn…

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Boredeom Busting Writing Prompts

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Fun and Fabulous Creative Writing Prompts

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Writing Prompts about Technology

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Writing Ideas to use during Be Kind to Humankind Week

Kindness Journal Prompts and Writing Ideas— Be Kind to Humankind Week is…

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Writing Ideas for Every Type of Writer

30 Writing Prompt Idea for Every Type of Writer— Writing is a…

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Creative Writing Ideas for Kids

Creative Writing Idea & Prompts to Inspire You— The purpose of any creative writing idea…

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Kids Writing Ideas

Ideas to Write About— Sometimes, writing is something that people write off. They…

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2nd Grade Creative Writing Ideas

Creative Writing Topics for Grade 2 Students— Introducing journaling to students at…

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How to Start a Journal

How to Start Writing a Journal — Writing in a journal can…

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Argumentative Essay Ideas for High School

Use these 35 argumentative topics + 20 new BONUS Ideas with your…

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Kids Journaling Challenge

Journaling Challenges— Journaling is a powerful tool for any teacher to use…

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Explanatory Writing Ideas

Explanatory Essay Topics for Students — Essay writing is a fundamental part…

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Explanatory Writing Ideas for Students

One of the best ways to improve a student’s ability to write…

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Elementary Age Imaginative Writing

What is Imaginative Writing? + 20 Prompt Ideas — With imaginative writing prompts, you…

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Super Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

Self Discovery Journal Prompts and Questions for High School Students — Now you…

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All Ages Personal Story Ideas

Personal Story Writing is a genre that is fun to write and enjoyable to…

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Flash Fiction Writing Prompts

What is flash fiction? Think of it this way: it’s like a…

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