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The Journal Buddies Writing prompts by grade collections offer you thousands of FREE writing prompts to use with your student writers.

Please share them with your kids, students, colleagues, friend, family… and on social media. I appreciate it!

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Journal Buddies ALL grades writing prompt collections. Oh yeah!

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New Year Resolutions for the School Year and Calendar Year
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Confidence Journal Prompts

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Writing Ideas for Anxiety

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Journal Prompts and Writing Worksheets for Kindergarten

You asked and we listened. Printable writing worksheets for kindergarten and writing…

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PreSchool Writing Resources and Printables

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Journal Writing for Students

There are some amazing Student Journal Ideas for you and your writers…

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Third Grade Journal Writing Prompts for Students

These 3rd grade writing prompts give your students the chance to write…

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Personal Journal Writing Prompts

Personal Journal Ideas— Keeping a personal journal is a wonderful way for…

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Plot Ideas and Development Tips

You’ve Discovered Some Excellent, Fresh Plot Ideas for Stories— Yes. Whether you’re…

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Ideas to Generate Story Writing

Story Ideas Generator — If you are a writer, you are familiar…

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Paragraph Writing Topics

Paragraph writing is a necessary skill that benefits kids of all ages…

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Guided Creative Journal Prompts

Guided Creative Writing Topics that Make Journaling Easy and Fun! You already…

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